Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(Note: I am pouring over new designs for this blog and no it won't be pink...ok maybe :))

On February 9, 2008 I posted about making a Love List as layed out in the February 08 issue of O Magazine. Starting March 1, 2008 I posted for 31 days my 100 things/wants/desires I wanted in a soul mate/partner/husband. It is hard to fathom that a year has come and gone already! So in honor of my love list that has gone on to inspire other bloggers to do their own I am posting links to my still very real and desireable Love List.

The Love List 1-5
The Love List 6-10
The Love List 11-15
The Love List 16-20
The Love List 21-26
The Love List 27-30
The Love List 31-36
The Love List 37-43
The Love List 44-46
The Love List 48-49
The Love List 50
The Love List 51-53
The Love List 54-58
The Love List 59-61
The Love List 62-63
The Love List 64-66
The Love List 67-69
The Love List 70-72
The Love List 73-75
The Love List 76-77
The Love List 78-79
The Love List 80-82
The Love List 83-85
The Love List 86-87
The Love List 88-89
The Love List 90-91
The Love List 92-93
The Loev List 94-95
The Love List 100


Mich said...

OMG this is such a great idea.... im so making my own love list!

Anonymous said...

Pink is the work of the devil.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

You inspired me (along with MsKnowitall) to start my love list. Funny, I am having a hard time making it to 100.

I'm refocusing and realizing that I am not as picky as I thought I was ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea...Neens is gonna start a love list too!

MsKnowitAll said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I think about my love list daily and thought about reposting or editing.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sista GP said...

I wonder if I had made a Love List before meeting Hubby, how much of a match he would have been? Would I have dismissed him if he hadn't met many items on the list?

Her Side said...

Hey Lovebabz! I have been away, traveling too much and missing some of my favorite reading. It feels good to be home and sitting still. LOL

I think the Love List is a fantastic idea - if for nothing else - but to discover the things you really want that lurk deep under the surface.

But I also asked myself Sista GP's question... "would I miss a great mate if I held them to a list?" Would they miss me if they held me to a list?

That's the line where true love jumps the tracks, careens into a ditch, and makes us realize that some things can't stop the love train - including a flaw that defies our list of expectations. LOL

I really must check out the LoveTALKS!

Black Women in Europe said...

Hi Babz! Love you! I did something similar ages ago and wrote down what I wanted in love....it worked.

I am pleased to give you an award today! I hope you have time to come and pick it up: