Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yep I am still sick...but the Love List goes on! Tomorrow I may have to bring in the big guns...(prescribed)narcotics (sigh).

The Love List 51-53

51. Appreciates a White Sale. Macy's, Target's, JC Penny's--loves high
thread count sheets at a really good price. Likes nice towels.

52. Appreciates that Girls Night Out is just as important as Boys Night

53. Likes to cuddle, smooch, snuggle in and out of bed.


The Artist In Me said...

Sorry to hear that you and the kiddies are sick. I do hope that you all feel better really soon. Oh, and congrats on making the half-way mark with your love list!

Be blessed!

May-Bee said...

Chuckled at the white sale. It's the little things you can enjoy together...

May-Bee said...

By the way, sorry you're still feeling rotten.

Piecake said...

If they make you feel better, take them!

You are really thinking of everything (i.e., #51)! :-)

Lovebabz said...

Dearest Artist In Me,
I was worried that I couldn't get to 50 things!

May-Bee, Yes I know men appreciate nice bed linen, but are sometimes at a loss at how to go and get it. Once they are empowered to purchase with confidence and knowledge then you never have to settle for cotton-poly sheets again!

Pie-Cake, yes I think I will have to take them! or continue to suffer needlessly. And I am trying to think of everything!