Thursday, March 6, 2008


One of the Beanie Beans is sick. Margeaux, the youngest. I knew she was starting to feel sick yesterday when she got up with a sore throat and headache. I plied her with children's ibuprofen and off to school she went. She seemed sluggish when I picked them up from school but she said she was OK. We get home, we start snacks and homework everything is fine. I make dinner (to be ready later--you'll see why in a minute). We pack up and off to music lessons. They are all studying the piano and doing exceptionally well. By the time we get home which is about 5:00 they have about 45 minutes to eat dinner before their Dad picks them up for soccer. Khalil and Margeaux were supposed to play indoor soccer--but not now, because I didn't send in the registration form...I thought if sent it with them on the first day of practice that would be fine. That is what I have done with Briana and Gregory for basketball. It is the same folks who run the league. They were turned away! So needless to say I had some little kids who were very crossed with Mommy Dearest. (sigh)

On a another note. I am throwing a party! A release party, a Babz can go OUT after 7 pm party!. I will be done with Home Confinement on March 31, 2008! I am grateful I got to be home for the remaining 5 months of my sentence! I am not even going to whine about it. I am however going to throw a party!

And last but not least, I am working on a project with some of the coolest folks on the planet! Folks I met in the Blog World! More details later.

Oh and my neighbor got their kid, Alex, a dog, named Simba...aaargh! He looks like a white bedroom slipper. That just added to the Bad Mommy List--another fucking reason my kids are mad with me. They want a dog! Ah NO!

That's my life and I am happy to be living it!

The Love List 27-30

27. Spiritually Generous. Not with with money, things, trinkets. But with kindness, consideration, honesty, open heartedness and affection.

28. Must Speak Lovingly To Me...ALL THE TIME!

29. Listens to me. Hears me.

30. Supports my problem solving skills. Appreciates that I can hold it down anytime, every time, even as shit gets thick or thin.


Sharon said...

Dontcha just love folk who are consistently inconsistent? If the damned administrators of the youth sports program accept late registration for one sport, then they should damned well accept them for all sports! After all, if you're going to bend the deadline rules sometimes, then it should be done all the time or not at all!

How's that for one "Bad Mama" (been here done this and pissed the kid off many times over the last 18 years ;)tryna support another! It's okay babz...the babies will get over it and prolly won't even need therapy as a consequence...LOL!

Lovebabz said...

You know Sharon. I was so mad because now they are getting more families interested in their program, those of us who were with them in the beginning are now finding ourselves kicked to the curb.(sigh)

Yes I hope they get over it, and are not making notes for their memoirs in 20 years...Mommy Dearest Part 8990!

Monique said...

I found you through NaBloPoMo.
I've been reading your entries this month, writing my own Love List.
Thought I'd say hello!

Lovebabz said...

Hello Monique,

I am glad you stopped by. Don't you just love the whole love list thing! Now I have to get 100 things for my list and I am blogging everyday. I am nothing if not determined!

CapCity said...

Here's sending cyber Hugz & Hopes that the baby is better soon! There's been some ugly stuff goin' round this winter.

God iz GOOD, Sis! Only The Creator can get us through these LIFE Trials & Tribulations!

Monique said...

I already failed NaBloPoMo, I didn't post on Sunday, I was driving to school.
But I am determined to finish my list and blog every day for the rest of the month.
Good Luck!

Lovebabz said...

Hey CapCity! Love those cyber hugz!

Monique, hang-in and keep posting---there is no failing-- there will be a new theme each month so don't fret, just get ready!

laurie said...

"a white bedroom slipper" made me laugh out loud! And seeing as how Simba means 'lion' it's even funnier.

And you want a beau who speaks lovingly to you "all the time". Good luck with that, my sister (although I do know what you mean).


Lovebabz said...

Hey Lovely Laurie!

That little white dog looks like a ball of Puff!

I am convinced that there is a soul mate being designed for me as we blog!

Jennifer said...

So we ALL need to etch #27 on our foreheads and in our hearts. I know you want to keep the list on the positive tip so I'll say it for ya:

I know the 4th Bean will bounce back soon.

Lovebabz said...

Jennifer you are RIGHT! From your lips to God's ear!

Ndelible said...

Babz ~~

Congrats and party hearty!!!

Ndel's World

fireweaver said...

you know, i think no.27 is the WHOLE list in a nutshell. so many people think "generous" means free with money. not so, people, not so. we make our own money, we spend it how we like, and money never substituted for love or kindness or respect anyway. "generous" is all about giving what's actually important: time, affection, consideration, YOURSELF. and a guy who protests a lack of the second with a token of the first? not a keeper.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Fireweaver,

When I much much younger I dated a man who did nothing but shower me with gifts. He was always out of town, always working, always conducting business. But always managed to send floweres of some bracelt or necklace. Finally I had enough and left him. So yeah it has to be about generosity of time and spirit.