Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Control is the Illusion of Fools...Yes, I made this up. It's Really The Season Of My Goddessness

I control nothing. I have little control over very little. And to that end I surrender.

Ohhh It feels good to cool my brain with surrender. Surrender on all fronts. I remember a few years back I wrote a post on allowing. Allowing life to ebb and flow as it wants to. It's like being at the beach and taking sand into a clinched fist... Just open your hand and let the sand fall through your fingers. The sand doesn't change and I still get to enjoy it.

Surrender doesn't mean abandonment of effort, hustle or commitment. Surrender allows you to fight the battles that are worthy and noble. Discern what is petty and obstinate and back off.  Sometimes you gotta just let the chips fall where they may and see what happens when the dust clears.

The fear lies in not knowing what will remain or show up once the dust settles. I have invited myself to allow the mystery of the unknown to become the making of the next adventure. I have done enough hand wrangling and worrying to last me several lifetimes. I am much more suited to surrender and allowing. I want ease... Directed and purposeful movement through my life. I want more peace and less "less".

I do believe this is the beginning of Summer. A carefreeness is showing up in my spirit. I cannot be fucked with by anybody... Not by banished-used-to-be-friends, not by toxic associates, or my kids.

I am surrendering to the what is and allowing the blessings to manifest into what positive energy shows itself to me. This is the Season of my Goddessness. Control is the illusion of fools and baby, mama ain't raised no fool!