Wednesday, March 5, 2008


As I am learning about True Love, I am feeling that most people do not believe they will find true love. I am starting to get a sense that most people do not believe in their hearts that True Love exists. And what's even more telling is the fact that most folks are stuck on the physical aspects of love and the romantic aspects of love And yet they long for the deep cosmic attachment of companionship. Wanting a Soul Mate, but choosing everything but soul mate quality affairs. Being stuck on the illusory aspects of physical and romantic love is really not totally our fault, I mean Hollywood and fairy tales do a great job of brainwashing us. Some of us make the connection of the love expressed in the bible, but for the most part, don't feel worthy of that type of love. Love is not the illusory experience everyone is convinced won't happen for them. Love exists all all around us. Soul Mate love is just one aspect of the greatness and magnitude of love.

I say SUSPEND DISBELIEF. We are worthy of love. As I do the healing work so is my soul mate somewhere out there. As I step into the Grown Woman space, my soul mate is on his way. What we believe we deserve, we attract. The loneliness overwhelms us and we think that if we don't grab what's in front of us, we will be left out and left alone. I am also convinced that what's in front of us are always valuable lessons designed to bring us more fully into our selves. If that Player Player is wooing you and you know he is not good for you, what's the lesson? Perhaps you need to learn how to recognize a Player, Player. Or maybe you need to understand that your needs are greater than being underneath someone for the moment. Or maybe you need to learn that having someone value your well-being is more important than having someone show up sporadically. Whatever the lessons, whatever the messages, Suspending Disbelief is key. Once you truly believe that love exists and that you are already loved and that what is meant for you won't get by you, then how you see the world and your place in it changes. I swear it does. Taking the focus off what is lacking, gives you a better view of what is already providing love.

The Love List 21-26

21. Must be an energetic & enthusiastic lover.

22. Must be a considerate lover.

23. Co-creates an atmosphere of safety, trust and intimacy.

24. Is as concerned about my orgasms as he is with his climax(es).

25. Must be daring, playful, soft, aggressive, tender, open, honest and present.

26. Must Want, Value, & Accept a monogomous sexual relationship.


MsKnowitAll said...

Hey LoveBabz, just popped over to holla!

Suspend belief! Go back to the simpleness, the quiet, the comfort of true love. What you exude, you will attract.

Sharon said...

I am so with you on this post...

I find that my optimism about my future love prospects is often met with skepticism and patronization amongst my friends and other loved ones. They often smile at me like I am a child whose fantasies they are indulging as I speak of the love that I truly believe will be mine one day. This ideology that real love and true "made for each other-ship" does not exist is something that others seem intent on forcing me to accept.



Understanding how often this core belief of mine is undermined and attacked by those who love me but who have had any ability to believe beat out of them by their own relationship trials, GOD sent me to your blog so that I could see that even in this belief that is held by so few relatively speaking,

"I Am Not Alone!"

"Thank you", (I) Lovebabz for being here for me ;-)

Lovebabz said...

Hey MsKnowItALL,
You are right--what you exude yu do attract and I might add that you can change your mind about anything at all and in doing so, you change your life.

Sharon....Girl we are soooo CONNECTED! I was just having this conversation with my Good Girl-friend JB and she was echoing your sentiments and my sentiments and so I know this is true, because I've heard this same message 3 times this week and its only Wednesday. Thank God for finding you! You are my mirror and it reflects back light that is not only comforting, but radiates love and kindness. No You are not ALONE! Not alone at all.

Piecake said...

Point 26 is a good one. I think a lot of people would forget to clearly state that as a requirement.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Piecake,

I am not so sure people "forget" I think that they are afraid to make it a requiremnt for fear that the other person may find it confining. So as long as you go along and not mention it; you can live under the delusion that that person knows how you feel without ever talking about it.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Love is not hard to find, you are ;-)

Lovebabz said...

Hey there, Tha BossMack Topsoil!

Long time no hear! I thought maybe I was kicked to the curb. How are things in your world? And I am not hard to find...I have been right here.

Ndelible said...


Yet again, you bless us with a post of truth and love - from you to us! Thank you for loving me and the values I care about. All of these beautiful women with so much love to give and receive. Think of the power of all of that love! Brings a smile to my face everytime!

Ndel's World

Lovebabz said...

Sister Ndelible,

Coming from you this is a HUGE compliment! Thank you! We are Sisters (Brothers)walking in the light of LOVE!

the prisoner's wife said...

girl...i am LOVING the love list. so much power comes from just putting your words/thoughts in the atmosphere.

Lovebabz said...

Dearest Prisoner's Wife,

How divine that you are visiting!
Yes, that truly was my intentions. I swear I could not have done this last year or even a few months ago. But I am so growing into myself that I feel like this is what I ought to do! And I really love doing it!

laurie said...

Soul mates exist. They really do. And wouldn't want you, or anyone else to settle for less.

Lovebabz said...

Yes Laurie, indeed they do. I have been close enough to taste.