Friday, May 30, 2008


I know something about drama. Hell, I know a great deal about drama. The last few years have been DRAMA filled, at every turn. The tides have turned and the drama has considerably subsided in my life. I am moving in a place of less stress, less worry and less drama. I choose to leave drama behind. I choose Love.

There is always stuff going on that can pull you out of your element, your place of peace. There are so many opportunities to get caught up in stuff that really does not need my input. However I am human. If you bring drama to my friends, you are bringing drama to me. I have not run from a fight since I was 7 years old when this girl named Sylvia chased me home. My Mother and our neighbor Miss Channie made me go back outside and face that girl. My Mother said: you can either fight that girl and stop running, or you can come in the house and get you butt whopped by me! I opted to stand up and face Sylvia. I never had a problem from her again. As a matter of fact we grew up to be half-way decent friends.

I never ran from anyone again. I have done a great many things that I am not proud of. Some are very public and documented, some not and I hope never see the light of day. But if they do, I can take it and own it. I own my shit. I am not afraid of anyone or anything. If you bring me SH I will give you IT. Don't start SH and there will be no IT!

Today is a new day. The drama that was yesterday is long gone. There are new challenges ahead. There are new discoveries to be found and love to be made. I am opting for making love.

I am opting for making love.

1000 Things I want To Do Before I Die:
51. Sit with My Beloved as the sun sets over the amazon.
52. Be the woman the magician saws in half...LOL!
53. Have Champagne named after me!
54. Hike through the Redwood Forest.
55. Race Car Drive: NASCAR and Formula.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OK I am feeling good! I mean charging up the hill GOOD! I am in my zone. I am making some moves and casting my net out in to the wide waters! Baby, I am fearless!

So I am feeling these quotes today because life is short. I have seen and experienced too much bad shit. I prefer the good stuff. I prefer the happiness factor, the pleasure principle...LOVE!

Carpe Diem Quotes for Today:

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways. ~Stephen Vincent Benét

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln

To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. ~William James

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. ~Ruth E. Renkl

Now is the time to get drunk! To stop being the martyred slaves of time, to get absolutely drunk - on wine, poetry, or on virtue, as you please. ~Charles Baudelaire, "Enivrez-vous," Paris Spleen, 1869

If you believe in forever, then life is just a one-night stand. ~Righteous Brothers, "Rock & Roll Heaven"

You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now. ~Joan Baez

1000 Things I want To Do Before I Die:
46. Get a tattoo in a private place
47. Sit for formal Glamour Photos
48. Go to Divinity School
49. Grow Roses...I mean abundantly!
50. See my Love List walk up to me and introduce himself as My Beloved!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The power of The PUSSY is phenomenal. Wars started and ended because of PUSSY. Men and women alike, lie, steal and harm for the sweet sweet nectar that only PUSSY can give.

What is it about the word and the attachment of the word to a female organ that just calling it out loud, is enough to make folks cringe in embarrassment, guilt, and shame. The PUSSY is indeed powerful!

But who owns the right to call it PUSSY? Who gets to decided the power of the word PUSSY? And why is this word so maligned, hated, feared and celebrated?

Capcity and I and a few of our blog Sisters, Ms. Smack, Princess TinyButt are going to explore the ins and outs of PUSSY. We are reclaiming the word PUSSY and we are telling our stories, sharing our tales of PUSSY woes. Yes, we are talking PUSSY and we want you to come over and join in. If you want to join US we'll send you an invitation, or you can come by and post on any PUSSY Chat topic you like! Email: or

...No lost puss in the Woods...
Just Real Grown Folks.

1000 Things I want To Do Before I Die:
41. Learn to roller skate/in-line skate
42. Swim...well.
43. Become a magician...ah!
44. Sail a yacht...preferably my own!
45. Learn how to play poker...especially "Texas Hold Em"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

IN MEMORIUM: LOVEBABZ MAY 2, 1963 - MAY 22, 2008

"The report of my death was an exaggeration."
Mark Twain
But I am putting to rest some issues. I have been consumed with my weight for quite some time. I have been putting so much value on my weight loss efforts that I have lost my mind about what is really important. If I died today, I doubt very seriously that anyone, anywhere, would say "oh but she was so fat" I am ashamed that I have put way too much energy on this. Sure I know better. But I have not done better. I have used this issue as brick wall to stop me from doing all the things that make me happy. I have second guessed myself and I have assumed that others would judge me as harshly as I judged myself.

Today I am letting this go, burying this shit, if you will. I realized that my worth is in no way related to my size. That sexiness is about what's on my mind. That size is not an indicator of anything other than insecurity. I do not want my children to bear witness to this body-hatred. I do not want them learning to pick apart their bodies and only look for flaws. I want them to love themselves wholly and fully and authentically.
So today is my last post on my weight. I am done whining about this. I am done focusing on this. I am done. I am going to be my fabulous self. I am going to be mindful of what I eat, I am going to move my body and I am going to live my life. This body houses my spirit and my spirit has had enough.
I don't know if women are more body conscious than men. I don't know if men unfairly judge themselves against other men. I do know that I have been the harshest critic of me than anyone could ever be. I was not a fat child, I was not a fat teenager. But I was always bigger than my peers, taller and bigger. I was a perfect size 14 from high school to college. I modeled for money as plus size. I was a size 14 and in those days that was the largest you could be as a plus size model. And I remember thinking I was so big then. And clearly that was ridiculous. So this body-hatred was with me always. I am tired of this. And I have other things that need my attention.
Yes! Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I heard this song a few weeks ago as I was doing the Mommy carpool thing. It was just what I needed to hear at that moment. I know everyone has those moments when the right song plays at the right time...a sign from on high that you are going in the right direction, or you need to stop or you need more discernment. The lyrics are: wait for love, and your gonna get your chance to love. Sometimes love takes a long time...

1000 Things I want to Do Before I Die:
36. Celebrate My 50th Birthday in Morocco
37. Go on Safari in Africa
38. Do Christmas in the Caribbean
39. Have a Catered Candlelight Dinner under a Full Moon on a Beach with a beautiful
and spiritually grounded Man
40. Learn To Make Tamales

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


In June it will be a year since my first post. I had no idea what to expect on that maiden voyage. I just knew that I was trying to hold myself together with spit, paper clips and prayer. I was still married, my husband hadn't announced his departure yet. I was awaiting my turn up at bat for federal sentencing. I was at the end of my rope. The pain I was in was blinding. I was prepared to step into the place of no return. My finger was on the trigger and I swear...

It was in that moment I just decided that if I just changed my mind about the whole mess. And just meet God where I was, then perhaps I could make it through. Before I knew it I was blogging my life. I had no expectations. I just needed to get this pain out. I started visiting other blogs and commenting and really enjoying the stuff I was reading. Then the most amazing thing happened, people came by my blog and left the most beautiful and encouraging comments. I was shocked. I just knew that folks were going to nail me to the cross. It never happened. It was one prayer after another, one kind word after another. I never got the hate. All I ever got was love.

This healing blogging community has been incredible. It has been my lifeline and life jacket. It has been a great comfort. I know I could not have come this far on my own. I have no doubts about it. I would have been eulogized by now. So as I blog my life, I can share the joys as well as the pain. There is joy once again. I am smiling more, and laughing more and very optimistic about my future and my life. Yep, indeed there are still challenges ahead, and more hurdles to jump. I am steadfast in choosing love over fear.

1000 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
31. Be in a Production of The Vagina Monologues
32. Slow Dance in Central Park with Someone Special
33. Walk a Marathon
34. Go fishing
35. Do the Bull Running in Pamplona, Spain...yeah I know...crazy (smile)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had a childhood friend named Jamal D. who lived a few doors down from me. He is perhaps a year or two older than me. We have been friends all of our lives. I grow up with him crushing on me in the biggest way. He was always respectful and very well behaved. He did however worship the ground that I walked on. I mean everyday he would sit in his front window and wait for me to pass. Sometimes he would be waiting outside to walk me to my door. When he graduated HS he went off to college, Coppin State. I went off to College the next year. We always stayed in touch by writing and calling each other. We even made a pledge to be friends for ever and ever.

My first Summer back from school we both were home at the same time. That's when it happened. He came by our house to drop in to visit. We were sitting on the couch in the living room talking about sororities and fraternities and college life in general. In one bold move he sweeps me into his arms and kisses me. I mean it was like 1 million bolts of electricity surging through my body. It truly was an out of body experience. I was stunned. I was overwhelmed. I never felt anything like it since.

We have always been close, so close that I once asked him to marry me. He declined, not because he didn't love me, but because he knew I needed to do other things---like finish my education. He was right. I haven't seen or heard from Jamal in years and I still think of that kiss. I swear as I remember it, it is still jolting. I swear I was looking for that kiss for years on the lips of different men and to no avail. Even when I did get married, I still longed for that kiss. That knock your socks off, curl your toes kiss.

So kissing is a big deal to me. Because I once had a kiss so sweet, so intense that it changed my life. So Prince Charming might be looking for some chick who could rock a glass slipper...I am however, looking for lips that can deliver the ultimate kiss!

1000 Things I want to Do Before I Die:
26. Train to become an astronaut
27. Make a quilt
28. Learn to belly dance
29. Parachute jump
30. Take an art class (paint, pottery, etc)

Friday, May 16, 2008


I have been doing a lot of thinking about my sensuality. What brings me pleasure? I started thinking seriously about this because I had a very enlightening conversation with a man--who is becoming my friend, who suggested that I should ditch my pajamas and sleep NAKED! NAKED! Now, there was a time when I would happily and easily jump between my sheets Au natural. BUT I have kids now! He then says, "so keep a robe or some pj pants near you". HHhmm. He then goes on to say "What is the point of luxurious sheets if you can't enjoy them on your skin?" He is right.

So what is my pleasure principle? Do I even have a pleasure principle?
Yes, I love high thread count Egyptian Cotton sateen sheets, Turkish bath towels, fine wines, music, beautiful flowers and the best non-dairy chocolate to be found anywhere. What does this mean? and how can I jump start my sensuality factor? I think it is and it isn't about sex solely. I mean I am not having sex at the moment. But someday I will! But in the meantime, how do I enjoy feeling my environment sensually? I don't have an answer yet. Of course, true to form this will require some discernment and further discussions.

I have a vision of the kind of woman I want to be sensually. It is of course rooted in My Grown Woman-ness. Connecting to that part of myself requires a changing of my mind and thinking sensually as I go about my days. So I am taking this on as part of my transition. Tonight I START SLEEPING NAKED! YES NAKED! NAKED NAKED NAKED!

1000 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
21. Visit the Great Wall of China
22. Learn to Play The Piano
23. Publish Memoirs
24. Learn Ballroom Dancing
25. Do Pilate's

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am feelin' MJB today.

Work That Lyrics

1000 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
16. Go to Ireland
17. See all my children graduate college
18. Become a Grandmother
19. Learn to Tango
20. Tango in Argentina

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My Crush believes that there is a standard to parenting. That any parent regardless of ability and capacity to parent knows there is a standard and should rise to the occasion of good parenting because they are parents. He is right and wrong. Just because someone births a child doesn't make them a parent. And just because someone says they love you to a child doesn't mean that it's true. Not if you believe love is a verb.

I believe parenting is a choice. It is commitment to children in the highest order. It is a selfless act of love. My soon-to-be Ex husband doesn't get that concept of parenting...selfless acts of love. I have no doubt that he loves his children. But I am baffled how he can dole out his time with them. He tries to see them everyday. I say tries because some days he has other things going on. Or he has plans or he is working overtime, or he is tired, or he has to do laundry, or he has to do...whatever. But I say so what! These beautiful children will only be children for a bit longer and he will miss all their best moments.

Once Margeaux was really sick. She started throwing up blood at around 2:00 am in the morning. My Ex was not home, he didn't come home, he didn't call. I called our pediatrician who said get her to the emergency room---we have a children's emergency room here. I called my Ex-I paged, I answer. I get ALL the children up at 2:30 am in the dead of Winter and take them all with me to the ER. I get my Brother at 6:00 am who rushes to the hospital. He then goes back to our house and My Ex is there laying the bed. My Brother maintained his composure as he tells my Ex that we are all at the ER. When my Ex arrives at 8:30 am, he says to me : I got your messages. I said well when you came home and didn't see your family didn't you think this was serious. He said: I thought you were using the children to hurt me. WTF! I thought I was going to faint. I said what in my character, our history and my life, would make you even think that I would use my children to hurt you. How do you get there with that? He apologized. But so what? He thought that about me. And I swear it still hurts. IT STILL HURTS!

In that moment I realized what I was dealing with. A person with a small spirit who never knew me as a woman or as a parent. There is no convincing in love.

What I know is this: Raising children and loving children and caring about children is not a part-time deal. It is not when you feel like it, it is not when you have time. It is not when you feel good. It is not when you get yourself together, it is not when you have more money. It is not when you get your education finished, it is not when you get back from finding out who you are.

I am a PARENT. Parenting is LOVE in action. All day. Everyday. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

1000 Things I want to Do Before I Die:
11. Drink Beer in Belgium
12. Sail on the Nile in Egypt
13. See Victoria Falls in Zambia
14. Ski in Aspen, CO.
15. Pray at Goree Island.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Adopting children is one of the greatest joys ever known. It is a miracle. It is God's handiwork up close. However there are challenges. Adopted children come with this sense of not belonging anywhere. A sense of not being wanted. That is their truth at their core, someone...a Mother did not want them, for whatever reasons. So I decided to create for them their own divine, mystical story of being purposely chosen to be my children. It is our own enchanted story:

Margeaux: So you wished for 4 children?
Me/Mom: Yes.
Khalil: How did you know you wanted to wish for 4 children?
Me/Mom: On a night when the moon was its fullest, I went outside to say my prayers to God. I said God I know there must be beautiful children who need me. Send them.
Briana: You went outside in the moonlight, is that how you learned that poem? And you taught it to us?
Me/Mom: Well, I learned the poem many years ago, but had forgotten it until that night. When I prayed and wished and hoped for you. And yes everyone should know at least one moon poem (smile).
Gregory: So how did you know 4 was a good number to wish for?
Me/Mom: I didn't know at first. God put that number in my heart. But I didn't know that until the very last child
Margeaux: Are you happy you got your wish?
Me/Mom: I am beyond happy. God chose me to be your Mother. You chose me to be your Mother. I chose to be your Mother. Some Mothers can't be mothers. They are not able to take care of children, so they depend on other Mothers to raise them and love them. I am your Mother, you were born in my heart. I will always be grateful to the women who gave birth to you because they trusted me to love you in their stead.
Margeaux: What does stead mean?
Me/Mom: It means in their place.

At this point of our enchanted story they begin reciting how they came one by one with their own story and it always ends with and God sent us home to be with our Mother who wished and prayed for Us 4 under a full moon one night long ago...

I see the moon
the moon sees me
God Bless the moon
God bless me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am going to take a break while I am on this Birthday HIGH!
I LOVE all the poetry, prose and love missives and I am looking forward to binding them into a personal collection. They have far exceeded anything I could dream of. I am in awe of the talent and the depth of feelings shared. This was very A Happy Birthday indeed.

On that note I take my leave.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I am still basking in all the poetry, prose and love missives! There are more of everything, but I thought I would share a few photos! Flowers, gifts, my kids decorating my birthday cake and all the balloons!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


OOOhhh, there are more beautiful poems to share! All so DIVINE!

My Sister-friend Laurie over at Not Just About Cancer posted the most beautiful birthday poem on her site. Big-hearted Warrior.

My beautiful Blog Brother Fitzgerald over at The Rich House, posted his deeply moving and stunningly beautiful birthday poem. It is a real shout out not just to me, but all the folks he loves in this blogland. This is his second poem. The first one he left on May 2nd in the comment section. I thought it was wonderful and hip and way cool!

My Sister-friend Ndelible over at Ndel's World penned a beautiful love missive complete with lovely artwork...hearts are my favorite things!

Birthday Blossoms
By Anali

There is beauty in becoming what we were meant to be.
We may not be there yet, but most of us can see -
that change that happens deep within
has a way of spilling out.
A smile becoming wide, eyes gleaming brightly.
Kindness and positivity of spirit - a spring in our step.
The hope and joy of Spring. Buds blooming into flowers.
The best of birthday wishes to you LoveB!
May you continue to bloom spreading your joy for all of us to see.

amour rappelant
By The Prisoner Wife

the sky broke orange
pouring melodies from clouds
and heaven christened you

we remember your words
full of encouragement, love
rooting for us hard and homegirl-like
reminding us to always shine
as bright as any constellation

A Haiku
By Anita Dayam Break

free from life's fears you're
blessed and strong-you are love-babz
life in transition

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yesterday was an AMAZING DAY! As my beautiful nephew Trent loves to say when things are going well...It's the best day ever! It sure was. Anyway as promised here are more of the beautifully written poems for my birthday. They are breath-taking! I have been back to yesterday's post a million times already, reading and re-reading the post and comments!

The Love I Know
By Xavier

Across the blogosphere
Recognition sought to introduce us
Like two old friends reunited
In that moment I perceived
Synchronicity's stamp
Etched on everything about us
Despite your doubts you stepped up
All I had to do was call
And daily you are the one
Giving me gifts
But today is different
In a special way
I want to acknowledge publicly
Exactly what you mean to me
Love is the hallmark of so much
That passes between us
Time, words, thoughts
Our common struggles
And even the way we have mated
Few can possibly understand my passion
Much less absorb it
You've actually held it in your hands
Recognized it for what it is
For that, you are forever special to me

Happy Birthday
From my soul to yours

I love you.

By Don, Minus the Bars

the most beautiful feeling
ever known
ever shown, by another human being
it left me feeling how the world
would be
could be
should we ever commit ourselves
to love

By Don, Minus the Bars

i can hear it in your voice
your words serve as living proof of mainfested truth
no one can deny the course of righteousness
no matter what they do
if the truth is in you
it's in you
a person can lie about your words
shy away from that which is being heard
the truth will forever reach
all you have to do is take a deep breath
hold your head high

By Torrance Stephens

the blessed birth of a queen
dressed you the dream
and birthed smiles into the air

the earth of your mother
is the mother in you
woman that life lives freely
as such is expressed in your divinity

By Shai Lynn Davis

She is
A soul seeking
Total fulfillment
Her vulnerable

She is
It with anyone
In her presence

She is
An artist

She is
Giver of

She is
Her womb
Raising warriors

She is
Seeing below
The surface
Realizing the

She is
The epitome
Of the glory
God wants us
To see

© Shai Lynn K. Davis 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008


The phone calls started at 12:01 they did not stop until 3:00 am! It was my intent to post EARLIER! Sleep had other ideas! I am so EXCITED about my birthday! After I drop the kids off at school My whole day is FREE! I am coming home and taking a long hot bath! I will put on my silk pj's. I will listen to music, I will read, I will enjoy the stillness of the house. I know I will have a gazilllion floral deliveries coming...I LOVE cut flowers! I already know about the 45 red balloons! that will arrive today at 12 noon. This evening I will have vegan cupcakes and soy ice cream with my beautiful children...My Sister-friend JB took them shopping yesterday evening for birthday presents. I have dinner reservations with friends at my favorite Eritrean restaurant Caffe' Adulis. This is the most perfect of days!

Let the celebration with poetry, prose and love missives begin!

I remain completely overwhelmed by the responses. I can't even begin to thank folks for their kind and generous spirit! Scroll down and check them. And check the comment section too! I will post more through out today and tomorrow and the next day...

Mirror Re-Image
by Sharon Jenkins 4/22/08

At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be
Choosing love over all else especially fear
Your voice speaks the words my brain whispers in my ear.
Your smile reflects the joy of the life I’ve been gifted
Your heart plays the rhythms on which my spirit is lifted
From your words I gather nourishment again and again
So similar are parts of our journeys, I call you my Twin.
My sibling unmet, unseen, technically unheard
We’re related by blog, by hearts, and by words
Come hell or high water I know you are there
Strengthening me, steadying me, with your soul--so rare.
Geography notwithstanding we’re connected, you and I
Not born of the same parents, the laws of genetics we defy
More alike than different yet different all the same
Lovebabz you amaze me, and thus I speak your name.
I speak it when lonely, feeling lost, or afraid
I speak it when at last into night the day fades
I speak it in exclamation when so filled with happiness I nearly burst
I speak your name because you felt all of these things first.
“How can this be?”, when I’m the older I believe
Your wisdom predates your birth and from GOD it was received
You bring knowledge from the ancestors which you generously share
Teaching us all about love and not being afraid to show we care.
You are fearless about love and your message is heard
It fortifies us and encourages us to spread the good word
Until from my lips to his ears and so on from there
This wonderful chorus becomes a new prayer.
A prayer that is being answered in you and in me
A prayer that is being realized in everything that we see
In our children, our friends, and all the loves of our lives
A prayer that began with you and now lives and now thrives.
Changing the unchangeable is what you do so well
Each and every one of us benefits from the truths that you tell
New understandings help us all to grow [as you say] in love
And though this is your birthday WE received in YOU, a special gift from above.
At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be!
© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008

Love in Transition
Like a Phoenix...i burned to become
who i am
I am rejuvenated
love renewed
I am
what God perceives me to be
So, i am
I am
A new breeze
a glowing flower
a full moon
the morning hour
full of ideas, and the grandest wishes
the remaking of me
I am
the future, bright and new
spreading my wings
lighting my life
breathing my dreams
The Phoenix,
flying high...
I am Love again!
***Happy Birthday Lovebabz!***
Posted by Mizrepresent

Inspiring with words
Humor and humility
Learning lessons to share

Brilliance and wit
Clever and fearless
Seizing a life full of love

Mom, Friend and Guide
Leading a family
Giving joy

Accepting support
Never alone
Encircled by a community
Who wish you greatness in all

Warrior for self
Looking inward then forward
Confronting, Transitioning

Mindful in the present
Faith in the future
Blessings building and growing

Your birth is a gift
Life a journey worth celebrating

Thank you for choosing
To share the moments with us

Happy Birthday

Capcity: Here's my Birthday Poem 4 ya:
H eart-felt
U ndeniably
G racious and
Z esty.

4 evah

L iving
O ut LOUD!
V ivacious
E ncourager
B old
A dmirable
B ad-azz
Z ealous about her transition;-)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first kiss
My first standing ovation
My greatest english teacher
The first time I caught a touchdown pass

Winning my first dance contest
Reading Iceberg Slim
First raid of Pop's dirty books

First date
First love
First sax solo
First sex duo

My first blog entry
My first really big speech
My first realization that there is life after divorce

My first time discovering LOVEBABZ

Happy Birthday Babz!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Tomorrow is my Birthday! 45!

Yesterday was an amazing day. Nothing in particular happened. I was just feeling all my Grown Woman-ness. It was sexual and spiritual. It was energetic and peaceful. I was rolling with all cylinders blazing. I was in my ZONE! Yesterday was a turning point. Another shift in my journey has moved me to another plain.

So for the next year, I am going to post 1000 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE! This is not a morbid exercise. It's really about living the best possible life, helping myself to all life's richest desserts! I am taking my cues from a few of my blog friends:

I am READY! like my Blog Brother That Johnson Boy Said What! I am putting all my oars in the water like my Blog Sister CapCity. And I am certainly taking cues from Raw Dawg Buffalo...Live Free or DIE! I am changing MY game thanks Rich House. What's important is right now. I have learned that from my Blog Sisters Princess Tinybutt and Not Just About Cancer. My Blog Twin Sister Just Write Now! With Sharon says in her profile: SHE IS A FAMILY WOMAN! I am too! I am too and I LOVE it! Yes there is a sensual side that needs equal attention, My Blog Brother Xavier over at Lovers Anonymous and my Aussie Sister Miss Smack over at Honey Smack shows me the joy in living with your sensual side up front. I am not hiding anymore! I am cultivating the artist in me like my Blog sister The Artist In Me and Mizrepresent Write for Life. And discerning my spiritual self and my divinity with my distant Blog friend Sojourner G and my favorite spiritual photographer Tony OH!

This is the best time ever. I am ready to live the biggest life possible. I am not afraid of tomorrow. I am not afraid of anyone or anything. My heart is open, my mind is clear. I am ready for love, life and the pursuit of happiness!

1000 Things I want To Do Before I Die!:
  1. I want a knock your socks off, curl your toes KISS!

  2. Learn to knit with my daughter Briana

  3. Take an art class---Painting, sculpture, book-binding

  4. Study culinary at the Paris Sorbonne

  5. Be kissed under the Eiffel Tower

  6. Make Love in the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kenya

  7. Take the Orient Express form Istanbul to Paris

  8. Live in Africa ( not sure where exactly--open for suggestions) for a bit

  9. Visit Prague, Czech Republic
  10. Herd cattle with the Masai in Kenya

May 2nd is My 45th Birthday

I am celebrating with

poems, prose and love missives