Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yesterday I bought new work-out clothes. New sport bras, t-shirts, sweat pants. I am going back to the gym next week. I have a few more days to chill out because of this blasted freak dairy allergy. I want to be ready...naked ready... You know when I have sex again the body will be ready to be seen naked. Now mind you my Sister-friend JB says women are too hard on our body image. She is RIGHT! So is my Best Friend "R" So I am not concerned with body image, I am concerned with stamina and energy. I want to go the distance sexually. I want to be able to run the marathon. So I am going to train and I want to see some real results by my birthday May 2! So it's on for next week as soon as I get the green light from my Doctor.
And for my birthday, I am buying a whole new sexy underwear and lingerie wardrobe. Now I have lots of great stuff that my Ex has given me over the years, but I am ditching all that stuff! WHY? Because I want new stuff that my new Man will be the only one to see and touch! Now mind you there isn't a new Man...yet! So really I want new sexy unmentionables for my own sense of sexiness and independence. I am giving this some serious thought and I am making it an important part of my new found freedom. But no matter what I am finding my inside sexy and I am letting it shine!
And yes Mr. Torrance Stephens this is a long list--but you have way more qualities than I can list!
The Love List 73-75
  • 73. Can admit lovingly when he is wrong.
  • 74. Does not use my mistakes as a whipping stick against me.
  • 75. Respects our intimate discussions. Is careful and honorable about what he shares with "His Boys" about "Us"


Piecake said...

I love where you're coming from on this one! If sexual stamina and energy aren't good reasons to exercise, I don't know what is!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yes maam

Lovebabz said...

Hi Piecake,
You are so right and I am deliberately changing my mind about my reasons for exercising!

You are delightful! Yes maam indeed!

dejanae said...

so u just gon throw the ole stuff out???
im sayin
u aint gotta do all that

good luck with the endeavor

Lovebabz said...

Yes indeed! All the old stuff is going away! It would be bad kharma. At first I ws thinking I would keep it all. I mean I really liked all of it, but you know what? I get to choose my own stuff and I will like that better! Besides, I would feel like he was with me while I am underneath someone else.

CapCity said...

Go ONNNN, Sistah LOVE! I go away a few dayz & come back to u tossin' out old draws & gittin' new skivvies! I hear ya! I start my running class tomorrow - pray for me! I really want to like it this time! I want to like the ACTUAL time that I AM doing the RUNNING - not just the stopping & the way i look & feel AFTERWARDS! ;-)

maybe u shouldn't just toss it all - wash 'em in bleach & donate 'em...i mean, SOMEbody withOUT could use a good pair - or is that just too nasty? but can bleach clean draws be too nasty if u homeless & ain't got ANY? I'm just askin'... ?

CapCity said...

ok - went back & read the love list (ONLY the list - couldn't fit in the entire posts in one setting;-) - i think we think quite a BIT alike (except for the sale thang - i'm not much of a shopper, except for SHOES;-)

Natalie said...

I say congratulations. Good for you. I need an underwear and bra overhaul myself.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister CapCity1

You sound like my blood Sister Lo, she thinks I ought to donate them to the red cross or salvation army. I don't know maybe. I do know that I can't prance around in them for another Man! Bleach on lingerie would dissolve them...LOL!

I am glad you like the love list! It is a real experience doint it!

Hey Natalie, thanks! yes I do think every woman ought to inventory her undies and upgrade!

smoking guns said...

Sexual stamina and energy. I recommend sucking excercises. Ain't nothing like some "smoking" head.

Lovebabz said...

Why thank you Smoking Guns! I will certainly take that advice seriously!