Monday, March 10, 2008


My ribs and abs are SO SORE!...who needs crunches when you have a wicked cough! I feel like I have been in a fight. It takes everything I have to lift myself out of the bed...aargh! There is nothing I can do except keep taking meds, rest and pray that this doesn't go on for the whole week. (sigh)

The Love List 48-49

48. Can Cook. At least a couple of dishes he has mastered.

49. Will Take Care Of Me When I am Sick. And will not complain about


danielletbd said...

I surfed onto your site from a random google search for "Enchanted" (The Disney Movie) and found your article on princess movies. I've been reading steadily since and am also participating in NaBloPoMo's Blog A Day contest... anyway, You've been tagged! Read all about what that means here:

Lovebabz said...

OH MY! OK, I will do it on Wednesday! I should be able to think clearly by then (smile)

Piecake said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

K.O. Johnson said...

Babz, hope you're feeling better real soon. BTW, can Mr. Man bring the soup, but retire to the germ-free zone on the sofa? No need in er'body being sick, right? (such a typical male thought process, but is that a yes? Nod your head once for yes, twice for no) ROFL

Sister P said...

I finally sent you a LOOONG email on my cootie prevention. Enjoy!

dc_speaks said...

Hey there. just wanted to stop on by and say hey. i read your comment on Rawdawgbuffalo's spot and wanted to commend you on your perceptions.

Have a fantastic Week.

by the way, i have dubbed myself an information broker. smile

Lovebabz said...

Hey Piecake, I am so sick I can barely move...I am in between getting new meds for the remainder of the night

K.O. Johnson, OK, drop the soup at the door... knock 3 times, ring bell twice and knock 3 more times! And it better be HOMEMADE!...Men! If my man was sick...I would FEDEX homemade soup from this lovely little village in Tuscany, complete with 2 loaves of fresh baked baquettes! But then I am a woman...and that's how I roll.

Sister P, I got it and Yes those are fabulous tips that I have instituted. THANKS!

Hey DC Speaks, I love a man who knows his style. And yes info-broker would fit...indeed.

Sharon said...

Hey Babz, I'm sorry I've been out of the loop for a couple days and I am even more sorry to come back and find you and the beans are ill!

My definition of love is to be brought soup when I am sick, and you can be assured I WOULD BRING YOU SOUP IF I COULD!

So I hope you are better soon and please have a big bowl of HOMEMADE SOUP and think of me! Feel better ;)

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sharon,

Thanks! Soup does say love! And I absolutely will think of you.

CapCity said...

Sending Luv & Well Wishes! Feel Better, Sis!

Lovebabz said...

Hey CapCity, thank you kindly!