Thursday, March 20, 2008


I got a call yesterday evening from a young couple who are looking to get married in a few weeks. Why were they calling me?...well, I AM A JUSTICE OF THE PEACE! I had completely forgotten that. I became a JP when I was elected to office for my first term. The Democratic Town Committee Chair thought it would be good for a up and coming political serve in this capacity. Anyway this young couple found me in the Justice of the Peace Registry. Now I am not sure I will marry them, but I did enjoy chatting with them about love and marriage. My JP terms ends sometime in 2009. You serve in 4 year terms. As a JP I can of course officiate weddings, sign off on legal documents--like a notary, issue subpoenas and a few other minor things. I doubt if I will be asked to continue as JP once my term expires, if I am I will certainly do it...just because it is nice to say I am a Justice Of The PEACE!

The Love List 76-77
  • 76. Is My Biggest Cheerleader!
  • 77. Respects My Political Views...Even If They Differ From His.


The Artist In Me said...

Isn't it amazing how God sometimes uses us as vessels to bless others even when our own situation looks bleak.

BTW...this whole blog world is amazing. I am glad that I was able to be introduced to others through you and vice versa.

Be blessed!

dejanae said...

how do u forget that ur a justice of the peace tho?

Piecake said...

JP - very cool! Have you used it for anything yet?

Lovebabz said...

Hey Dejanae, I just forgot. I mean it's not like I perform weddings all the time. it just went off my radar.

Hey Piecake, no I haven't done anything with it. I have talked to folks about marriage. I have co-officiated at City Hall for a few civil ceremonies...which I loved!

Rich said...

dang, you done been everything - said in my best grammar possible :)

[just showing some love in your neck of the woods.]

Sister P said...

Did you ever do any weddings? Do you wear a robe when you are acting a JOP? Details :-D

#76 is big in my book!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Rich, It's nice of you to stop in! Yes I have had way too many lives!

Sister P, if they require a robe we can wear one. If they require a tux we can do that too. But mostly it's just a scarf thing that looks very official and spiritual.