Saturday, February 9, 2008


I think I mentioned before that I love the weekends. I love Staurdays. I get up at my leisure... the children can have cold cereal and they can get it themselves. Their Dad will pick them up at 9:30 for basketball until noon. Today we are going to see a college women's basketball team, my daughter Briana is excited because she loves basketball. We pulled Gregory off the team for the remainder of the season for behaviour unbecoming of a 9 year old. Yep, we don't play. Margeaux and Khalil will start indoor soccer once the basketball season is over. Indoor soccer is run by the same folks who run the basketball league. I am so looking forward to this, because it gives them a chance to experience team sports. Plus, all that running will definitely chill all that 5 and 6 year old energy.

Last night I had a long and illuminating discussion with my sister-friend JB about the state of our love affairs, or the lack thereof. I have come to some startling conclusions: 1) I am going to craft a Love List of 100 things I want in the Next Man that steps into the Man Space--saw this in the February O magazine 2) I am going to re-focus my energies on my health both mentally and physically...meaning I am going to work harder on both fronts. I am going to turn down the noise of ego...yes ego, that says forget about all your goals and stay where you are...bullshit! I am pressing forward. I feel better this morning. Last week was too consuming and literally threw me off course. Not a huge deal, I was only out of sorts last week for short periods of time. I am refocused. Refocused indeed!

The Butterfly
those things
which you so laughingly call
hands are in fact two
brown butterflies fluttering
across the pleasure
they give
my body

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