Friday, March 6, 2009


There is a real softness developing in me. An unexpected delight. I can feel myself becoming more womanly, more in tuned with a vulnerability that ordinarily would have been lost with all that I have come through these last several years. My pending divorce has not made me bitter. The unfortunate events of the last several years have not made me hard. Yes, I am strong and fearless where I need to be. But something else too...a softness...a willingness to yield.

As I move further into embracing my creativity and spirituality I cannot ignore my femininity. I am re-defining my womaness. I am not talking about roles. It goes deeper than that. It is for me about knowing what I need and being open to it. Using this Lenten journey to reflect on what it means to be a woman open for love is all a part of discovering my creative self. Creativity, spirituality and femininity are intertwined, each drawing strength from the other.

Understanding and embracing my femininity is critical as I welcome this season of dating and connecting with men. Knowing who I am at my core affirms my choice in a partner, lover, husband. I want to be a woman. Yielding, gracious, strong, beautiful, loving, kind, creative, spiritual.

Ad Maiorem Dei Glorian


Her Side said...

As I read your words, my mind drifts to the unfortunate reality that too many wounded women teach young girls to fear this kind of femininity. Peaceful. Yielding. Creative. All exchanged for contention, stubbornness, and manipulative approaches to expressing sexuality. And this they call "strength." Hmph.

(As you know, I had to get one last read before I leave for vacation. hehe)

Moanerplicity said...

Brava to you, my Sista! I've been told that I'm 'sensitively masculine' which at first seemed an oxymoron. But upon reflection, I think it means I've developed into a true gentle man. Also, I'm indefinitely in touch w/ my feminine side. I don't think anyone who is deeply creative, no matter their gender, can deny that side exists in them. Glad to see you fully embracing yours!




Lovebabz said...

Her Side,

You are right. But I think it does take some growing into.

I like men who know who they are fully! Sisters are always thought of as hard and strong and rigid and unyielding...and we can be and often are. I am discovering that there is more to me than that. And that life can soften you as well as hardened you.

Vérité Parlant said...

Did you read The Secret Life of Bees or see the move? As a writer and also a woman who is exploring the feminine, you may be intrigued by how she crafted the book and what she says about creativity.