Thursday, February 25, 2016

Poem for 2/25/16

I wanted him to see me


He saw me naked

I wanted him to see me beautiful

He saw me beautiful

I wanted him to feel my magic
drink it all in

He saw my magic and drank it all in.

He became the mirror so I could
see all that he saw

all the love within

Babz Rawls Ivy
Poem for 2/25/16

Photo by by Camil Tulcan

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Lenten Journey 2016: Work

Colossians 3:23 NIV

Whatever you do, work at with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

I have been most fortunate in my adult life around work and career. I have pretty much held jobs that also reflected my personal stand on social issues. I ran nonprofits. From Rape Crisis Services, AIDS Project New Haven, Domestic Violence, Jumpstart for Young Children and many others. But so many don't have jobs that reflect their passion for social justice or any other cause. For those of who are excited about exploring their faith, how does this work at work?

I don't think we do enough talking about our faith and how it relates to our work environments and how it relates to our spiritual life. So often we tie our worth to the kinds of work we do... Or we heavily identify by the titles we hold. We are not the work we do. We aren't. Nor are we less than if we don't hold big and so-called important jobs.

This week I am taking into contemplative  prayer all the ways that I see work as holy and sacred. I am inviting those that are interested to do the same. Let's discover where God is in our daily work lives.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Lenten Journey 2016: Forgiveness

For a very long time I could never embrace the notion of forgiveness. It just seemed too easy to let someone or something off the hook. I struggled trying to wrap my brain around how to forgive and let go. I wanted to continue to hate with great passion. I was justified and self righteous. I was wounded and I needed those responsible to see that I was hurt, broken and in need of an apology of sorts.

Well needless to say that shit never happened. I have come to realize that forgiveness is not for the other people it truly is for you. A chance to take yourself off the cross. A chance to give up the sack cloth and ashes.

This Season of Lent my church's theme is  Forgiveness, Work, Justice, Fear. I am going to tackle all of them.  Starting with FEAR.

What I have learned over the years about withholding forgiveness is it's like drinking poison hoping someone else will die. Now, I embrace another way of thinking. More in line with the woman I am becoming... less concerned about payback. More about taking myself off the cross and taking off the sack cloth and ashes.

I am going to pray for more clarity and guidance around forgiveness. Look at other areas of my life where I may be called to forgive myself. Forgiving myself.