Thursday, March 27, 2008


A dear Sister-friend of mine is falling in love. It is a joy to behold. Just thinking about her happiness makes me smile and my heart sing. Her walk is different, her tone and manner are different. She is radiant. She has truly stepped into the Grown Woman Space and is blossoming!

Witnessing Love blossoming like this is inspiring. I can feel the warmth of the connection between the two. I can feel IT! It has raised my highly intuitive nature to a whole new level of awareness. Bearing witness to Love Supreme is truly divine. I am hoping all that good LOVE energy will somehow rub off and jump on over here to ME! I think it WILL! I think it will indeed!

On another note the A Bear Maiden Went Out To The Fields One Day... tagged me! So rather than recreate another list of random things about me, I am just going to link to the two other tagged posts March 17, 2008 and September 20, 2007

The Love List 92-93
  • 92. Appreciates extra cuddle time before the day starts.
  • 93. Can recite at least 2 favorite poems...must have favorite poem(s)


The Artist In Me said...

It's sweet to know that a close friend has found a love interest. It means that those that are around her (you) are all the closer to receiving the man God has for them.

Good list items today too. I love to cuddle and memorizing a poem is cool too. I always wanted a man that was into or at least embraced all aspects of the arts.

Be blessed!

Lovebabz said...

Yes Sister,
It makes a difference when a man can appreciate the arts.

May-Bee said...

If you can really feel joy for your friend's joy, then I suspect you must be a grown woman too.

And the love energy will definitely rub off on you!

I must admit I'd like to know more about your crush...

May-Bee said...

But I'm an incredibly nosy person.

Lovebabz said...

Hello May-Bee!

I am happily stepping into the Grown Woman Space. My thinking is if you can surround yorself with happy people you will in turn become happier!

I am keeping My Crush close to the heart! SSShhh not talking abut him directly!

And no you are not nosey---I have been emailed a lot about who he might be, could be, should be even!

May-Bee said...

I'm smiling at the 'should be' and wondering if it's someone online or someone you know. So you see, I am nosy! Ah well, I'm sure it will come out eventually.

I have a bit of a crush on someone online, which is a first for me. I hope it's not the beginning of my decline into total madness.

I also have a little crush on someone at work. I'm being a bit seventh grade about the whole thing so I don't know if I could really say I've stepped into that space yet. I have this urge (that I haven't felt in a long time) to squeal and call him 'cute.'

Am I hopeless?

dejanae said...

that favorite poems is a good one
not gon be easy to find tho

and being happy for ur friend is a good look

hers to hoping somea tht heads ur way

Lovebabz said...

May-Bee, if you are crushing on someone that is a good sign that you are reading to take a dip in the romantic waters. Go for it...laugh, giggle, pass notes even! Life is dessert!

Ms. Dejanae, I am forever hopeful...I know there are Men out there who know a poem or two!

the prisoner's wife said...

yay for friends in love. how wonderful!

i dunno about #93 tho. that's a tough one. i'm a fan(atic) of poetry, but dammit if i can't remember WHOLE poems. lol. i see you on some Dariaus Love (love jones) type a brotha. cool.

Lovebabz said...

Hey TPW,

You know you may have something with that whole Love Jones thing! I think that has a greater influence on this Love List than I realized. Good looking out!

Mizrepresent said...

Ah, that is special. I would love to have someone recite poetry, nice.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Miz,

Girl that would be so sexy if they do with passion and gusto...recite poetry that is!

Sharon said...

I would die for a man who could and better yet, WOULD recite poetry to me! Hell forget recite, he could read it from a book stumbling over the words and it would still garner him the designation of King For Life in my book....where he at? Somebody point me in his direction and I'll handle the rest ;b

Lovebabz said...

I know Sharon, I am with you on that! The Prsioner's Wife said I am on some Love Jones kind of vibe---you know the movie with Nia Long and Larenz Tate. Oh to have a man recite poerty is a thing of beauty!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

LOVEBABZ: This one's a push.

I fail the cuddle test because I'm a workaholic. I specialize, though, in odd hour extended periods of extreme intimacy between mad rushes of work.

I make the poetry test with room to spare. [No fair, I was a lit major]. At one point in my life I could recite much of THE WASTELAND, LEAVES OF GRASS and 3 Shakespearean sonnets by heart.

Ginsburg, Plath, Nash, Dickinson, Jarrell, Poe, about every novelist you can think of; literature of any kind is my homefield.

Lovebabz said...

You are amazing! Extreme Intimacy...why that ought to become the new pop culture word! Intimacy on the Run, you could pen a whole series of books on this!

See there is hope for a great many men now that you have shown that is is way more than possible to memorize poem(s)! There are some Men lurking right now who are reading the Love List and thinking that damned Kelso has raised the bar...again!