Monday, March 2, 2009


As I discern my Lenten Journey. I am feeling the real pull of my creative nature. The universe is laying before me a path to create my way into abundance. Yes, create my way into my very best self. Yesterday in our Adult Forum at Church we sat to brainstorm our Lenten Journey. Discussing our link between spirituality and creativity. It was an amazing time. This moment that I am in is an amazing time.

I am truly seeing that in difficult times if we are open, our creativity can be the answer to all the prayers to ease fear, lack and discontent. It is our moments of creative expression and thought that are the answered prayers. Not creativity as art and artistic expression alone. But thinking creatively about all things. It is allowing the divinity to lead and direct and open me in ways that I couldn't not see because of fear and lack. It is about lifting my skills up for the glory of God. For the greater glory of God. It is trusting that I have enough to live the life divinely given to me.

My final divorce date is this month. I received the letter from court on Thursday. All the old fears and anxiety came rushing back, can I make it on my own, can I raise my children, can I make a living. It is the end of the END. It is a finality that still hurts. But what I have come to realize and learn in prayer and meditation that there is more for me to do down the road. That this relationship ends, there are many more fruitful relationships awaiting my attention. The greatest one being my relationship with myself and the divinity within.

So my Lenten Journey is so appropriate as I move forward. This is my time to tap into my long buried creative spirit. To shish the nay saying voices and step out on faith. To hear only my voice strong. To follow the light of the divine. To be fearless.

Someone read my tarot cards for me. No this does not put me at odds with my faith. I rather like the mysticism of ancient tarot cards. The 7 Of Swords was drawn. This card speaks to self-created fears. The 7 of swords asks us to look at the ways in which we are limiting ourselves through the terrors of our own imaginations. It asks us to recognise what it is that prevents us from realizing our dreams and inspirations.

And then, this card asks us to open our eyes and see things as they really are. Not scary and dangerous after all, but full of possibility and hope. It is then that are able to take action!

I am taking action! I am stepping fully into my creative self. I am clearing my mind of unnecessary clutter of doubt, fear and lack. The universe is speaking. GOD is speaking. It is on me to hear and heed.

Ad maiorem dei gloriam


Rich Fitzgerald said...

Bravo. I have come to the same conclusion. Creation through divine interaction is the only source of freedom we can depend on.

Solomon said...

Great ideas, I needed that this morning as I head off to enjoy another day that the divine has given me.

Princess Tinybutt said...

this is very interesting sis. yes rich, bravo! during lent i am always looking for new ideas/ways to express my lenten intentions - CREATIVE, EXPRESSIVE ways. i see the connection and it is devine.

i'm gonna meditate more on this. thank you sis.

Lovebabz said...

I am starting to think differently about attracting abundance into my life. I am feeling this creative spiritual pull.

I am glad anything I had to say spoke to your spirit.

Yes, it is a different way of looking at how to solve problems and to bring abundance into my life.

MsKnowitAll said...

I always try to link up with people who believe as I do, live as I do so that I have a shoulder, an ear, support.

I am so glad you are your Lenten Journey!!!

Thank you for this post. I need this at this very moment!

alto artist said...

I am continually inspired by your journey, and I know you will do and create everything you wish for!