Friday, April 20, 2018

Clearing my path while I am alive.

I have been thinking about my things after my death...What would happen to them? Could my children handle the getting rid of my things? I don't think I want them to do that. I want to do it while I am fully alive.

I want to live with less. I want a smaller space. I want only the things that bring me absolute pleasure and joy. I want to live lighter. I want to think and feel lighter.  I'd like to try on minimalism... Or something close to it.

Lighter in many things. I signed up for adult swim. Golf lessons. Possibly tennis and perhaps will set up a basketball meet-up for old birds like myself who may have a little hoop dust left. And tennis with the unboyfriend.

Back to sorting and getting rid of things that I have collected over the years. Things that have long since lost their value to me. Getting rid of things that have seen better days. Getting rid of things that belonged to folks no longer in my circle and will never be again.

I feel like I am shedding my past and preparing for a future I never knew I wanted. I am aging and the world looks different. I want to be different in it. My children are becoming who they are and I must become who I am becoming.

Some of this is clutter. Some of it is here because it never got discarded. And some of it was quite comforting to have around. All of these truths have to be worked through and then abandoned.

I am turning 55 on May 2. I swear I feel differently. I can feel a sense of freedom just over the horizon. I feel my best days are ahead. Lighter days and uncluttered days are seeking to be my reality.

So this life is transitioning again. I am here for it!