Sunday, March 23, 2008


My Brother Bob-O and his Fiancee D gave me a big big slow cooker/crock pot for Christmas. Last night I initiated it! I cooked my collard greens overnight. I was up last night prepping for Easter Dinner, while talking to my Sister friend JB she suggested that I use my slow cooker for my greens. The light bulb went off! I sauteed my onions and garlic, coriander and cumin seeds, washed my greens put everything into the slow cooker and this morning I awoke to the most amazing smell! It was like my Mom was downstairs! Yep I tasted them and they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! JB and her beautiful son are joining us for dinner today!

Dinner Menu:
Brine fried chicken--JB makes this it is to die for
dairy-free cornbread--JB has a delicious recipe from scratch
collard greens-ME!
sweet potato casserole--ME
potato salad--ME
brown rice--ME
And PEACH COBBLER! JB is making one without butter and milk--I am so excited about this, I LOVE PEACH COBBLER but I never make it and I can't ever have it anywhere because of all the butter, that 99% of the world uses to make this delicious treat...but I digress. And a couple of bottles of my favorite cabernet sauvignon.

The Love List 83-85
  • 83. Can plan and execute romantic gestures (picnics in the park, cuddling under a sycamore tree, making love in a tent on a glorious Spring day...(I got these ideas from Tony OH's response post)
  • 84. Calls me sweet names.
  • 85. Understands and knows that I may not have unpacked all my emotional baggage, so he exercises patience and care with me.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sounds yummy i love greens

Mizrepresent said...

Great dinner...i made dinner for the kids and i'm also making dishes to go to my moms. My dishes:

broccoli casserole
Mac and cheese
fried corn

hey, my stepdad had a stroke this morning and is in the hospital, please send up a prayer for him, Happy Easter.

laurie said...

You know, until recently we were buying veggies directly from a local farmer. They made up the baskets and the one thing we could never figure out were the collard greens (they were always bitter and every recipe we found started with a ham hock). Care to share your recipe?

Lovebabz said...

Dearest Friends,

Torrance, I would love nothing better than to make greens for you!


I hold your StepDad in my prayers!
Your dinner sounds lovely...I Love fried corn!


I will send you my recipe. Collards can be tricky, but I have a great recipe that I think you will like, sans the hamhocks!

Happy Easter!

Lovebabz said...


My reciepe for collards:

In a large pot sautee onions--I like one whole onion, but I like onions! and garlic--lots--but I like garlic
add a bit of coriander--couple of shakes and cumin--couple of shakes.

Add your collards. let them cook down for a bit in a some vegetable broth--about a cup or more--add when you add your collards to the satueed nions and garlic, add salt, pepper, crushed red pepper. Let it cook down until soft. I don't like them mushy, but I like them soft. Let them cook for about an hour. Add some red wine vinegar just before serving. You can add a bit of sugar or sweetner...just a pinch or two!

Just fool around with taste and texture. Just keep adding things you like for taste and VIOLA! you have greens to die for!

Sharon said...

Happy Easter Twin, I hope yours was as great as mine ;) Also, if JB is amenable, I'd love to have a peek at that no milk/no butter peach cobbler!!