Saturday, June 30, 2007

Geting Ready...Paying My Debt to Society

Yesterday there was blurb in the newspaper about my upcoming federal sentencing. Of course it was sensational and inaccurate and it wasn't on the front page.. so I am assuming my interest factor is waning. I had no idea it was in the paper until my girlfriend called me. I would have been happier not knowing it. There is a chance that I will go to jail for a period of time. I have over the years tried not to lose sight of this possibility. It is haunting and almost crippling to me that I may go to jail for committing a crime. Embezzling money from a non profit created to help poor people is shameful. My only saving grace and there is saving grace, is that this will not go on forever. There is an end point. Someday this will be a part of my past. I already know life goes on, it is going on as I write. So I have decided not to give this anymore space in my brain than it already occupies. As my dear friend Ron likes to remind me "no matter what happens you're going to be alright." I believe that. Worrying about things that are out of my control is at best stupid. So what has changed in the last 24 hours since the story hit the papers again. NOTHING. My life today is the same as it was yesterday. Tomorrow takes care of itself.

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BottleBlonde said...

Stay strong, Lovebabz! You are accepting and facing the consequences of a bad decision head-on. Now THAT takes character. You've got huevos (see Spanish dictionary), girl! ;-)