Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Black Women:The Bridge Between Race and Gender

I love politics. I LOVE POLITICS. I know a lot of folks who hate it, but not me. I was elected to local office twice ( I resigned halfway through my second term--scandal). First off there is nothing more noble than serving in public office. Every decision I made as a legislator was personal. I took everything to heart. I cared about everything and I knew that just about every issue was connected to somebody. So with all that said, I am extremely delighted about the upcoming presidential race. I love Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This poses a unique challenge for me. Because I am, after all an African American woman, a Black mother no less. What will I do. Hhmm...I do know I will wait and watch and listen. I wish I was more sophisticated in my approach and I wish I could discuss this with an intellectual passion. I just know how I feel and being an exiled politician I know better than to put all my eggs into one basket. My over arching question is this: Will Black women support a woman or will we support a Black man? There is a lot of time to speculate, poll and of course guess.

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