Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mother-Daughter Thing

My oldest daughter is 10. She started her menstrual cycle two days ago. I was completely floored by this. So much so that I haven't been to my blog since the wee hours of Tuesday AM. Now I was planning for "Our Talk" sometime after she turned 12 or 13. OK, I was so way off and totally unprepared. I mean I have been compiling a "Girl Kit" for a while. Well my plans have changed and I am in Super Mom mode. We are having our Girls Night out on Friday to have a mother-daughter talk. I believe and hope that this is the beginning of a harmonious mother-daughter thing. All though if memory serves me correctly, I fell in and out of love with my mother pretty often during my tween and teen years. Hell if truth be told we found common ground when I grew-up--around my late 20's, early 30's. Anyway, I think I got this at least I hope so. This is a big deal in a girl's life and I want to do a good job. Wish me luck...I may need it.

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HappyToBeHere said...

Good luck! Though I doubt you'll need it. Sounds like you're already doing a mighty fine job with your daughter. Hell, you created a Girl Kit in advance! Now THAT'S preparation and good parenting. Keep on keeping on.

Happy Blogging!

P.S. Glad I stumbled across your blog.