Wednesday, June 6, 2007

In the meantime

It is very difficult for me not having a job. I have always had a job. When I was a kid, I ironed baskets of clothes for money. I did pretty well for myself. So this waiting and waiting for the other shoe to drop is painful. I have decided in the meantime, in between time, that I would focus my energy on creating a new life for myself. I am thinking that I will excavate my inner-self and get a better handle of who I am. I know this all sounds well and good, but really what does it mean? Well for one, it is about self analysis--really looking at myself and then focusing my energy on my future and my goals. I have discovered "The Secret" and the "laws of Attraction" I am intrigued by the whole idea of the vibrations we set off into the universe. This concept really gives a name to what I knew to be true--that whatever you have on your mind becomes your reality. That you control your destiny. And this does not take away from my God consciousness--as a matter of fact, it is in alignment with my Christian faith. You are no good to anyone if you are in despair, and chaos. So I am moving forward on this path. My path of transformation, that will no doubt take me further on my life's journey. So in the meantime, I begin with being grateful for all that I have in this moment.

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Katrink said...

Hey Babz

I enjoyed the secret also. It's difficult staying possitive when you have so many negative people around. I'm working on the inner me also. Boy is it scary! Who really likes to look at themself for any extended period of time before they through up there hands and say God fix me. Babz, don't edit or gretique my spelling or grammer. I still rely on spell check and I miss you very much. Give the hubby and the munchkins a kiss for me.