Sunday, July 1, 2007

FREE Summer Camp is a gift from God

Hip Hip Hooray,

My kids are going to summer camp starting next week. It is free. FREE. My girlfriend is always finding free stuff for kids to do. She has two beautiful daughters who I keep often and pick-up from school from time to time. So on any given day I am rolling six deep with kids. Anyway, she found several free summer activities--free swim lesson for 6 weeks, 3 weeks of academic enrichment, 3 weeks of recreational activities, another couple of weeks of academic enrichment. Yep we're talking overlap of activities. My girlfriend is fully aware of my situation--so she makes sure that I get applications and forms etc, so that my kids can participate. She has been a life-saver. I was afraid that they were going to have a stay-at-home summer experience because of the lack of funds. Mind you that wouldn't be so bad, since we would go to the beach every single day, but it is nice for them to get a chance to hang with other kids. And I can get my butt back to the gym. I had a nice routine for a minute until school let out. I made a promise that this would be my last year fat and I mean it. But back to summer camp and my kids--this is going to be great for them to hang out with other kids who don't go to their school or church. I hope they like it and if they don't...well, they will deal with it.

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