Friday, June 15, 2007

"Myth of the Angry Black Woman"

I came across an article on the Modern Matriach blog/website (I couldn't link it here--sorry I know this sucks--but you can find it on the site under gender talk) that I thought was interesting. Of course I not as an angry Black Woman, although on occasion I have been just that. Anyway, I believe myself to be a feminist. I love women, I love being a woman, I think women are great and ought to be challenged and rewarded just like any other human being on the planet. What pains me is that, as a Black Woman, a Woman of Color if you will, is that I am not so certain our views are clearly portrayed. Here is my opinion to the article:
The Bridge between race and gender…Black Women. We are often made to choose between being Black and being Women. But the choice is only important if there is something at stake…Clinton vs. Obama in 08′. Or lest we forget that Black Women had hard choices to make in regards of the Black Panthers, this was a modern classic case of Black Women having to choose their Blackness over their Womanhood for the sake of the race. What would be most illuminating and ground-breaking if all those well-healed intellectuals/feminist and other pro-womanist
groups/organizations and or clubs, would simply ask Black Women
where they feel they fall in or out of this discussion. I say, as does Paula
Giddings…”When and Where I enter, so does the Race”

My point is I am always Black and I am always a woman. There is nothing mystical or magical about this. It just is and I like it. Sometimes I am angry at Black Men, Black Women, Black Children--Black People. And yet I love Black Me, Black Women, Black Children and my anger turns to care and concern. That's the part nobody talks about or shares. Our angry is not solely out of frustration of a system that done us wrong. Our anger is about caring so much and feeling powerless to overcome everyday, 24/7. Ok maybe this ought to be under my soapbox label for today's post.

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