Tuesday, June 26, 2007

True Love Tuesday: I am the one that I want

I had an ephinany. You know the kind that allows for a few moments of the greatest clarity to illuminate your path. I had one in regards to this whole "My husband is leaving me"mess. In one moment I got it! I am no longer focusing on him, he is no longer the center of my thinking. I am not going to try to win him back, instead, I am going to win me back! My sister Lo keeps reminding me, "Girl this is an opportunity that you can't just pass by--the universe is working on your behalf...let it" And she is right. I have found my center and it ain't him. I am going to woo me. I am going to pamper me. I am going to fall in love with me. Here is my poem that I think sets the tone for my new found resolve:

I love you


as each day

goes by

I love you less

everyday that you are away

I love you less

everyday that you are

not here

I love you less

until soon

I won't love you

at all.

1 comment:

Uncivil said...

This is the healing post I was talking about! Wow! I wish I could have read this 3 or 4 years ago! I had such a hard time getting over my ex, and this just put it all in perspective!