Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's always Monday and other trials of weight loss

Shout Out to My Peeps at This site is the coolest for free online diet support. You can track what you eat, you can get a customized menu, you can track your exercise, you can track your water intake. And if that's not a enough there are thousands of like-minded folks ready and willing to support you in your weight loss effort. I joined because my Sister on-line support group member turned us on to this site. I love it. I can get recipes and exercise techniques all right there. So it is possible to get weight loss support--God knows I need it. I joined in January and to date I have lost 16 lbs and that's being lax and half-ass about diet and exercise, so imagine if I really kicked it up a notch. Losing weight is a big deal--no pun intended. I wasn't born fat, nor was I a fat kid. I got fat right out of college and it's been an up hill battle ever since. The good news is, I used to be an athlete and my body remembers--which is good cause I am banking on that! I hit the gym everyday for at least 45 minutes of cardio and I have added strength training--which I love. I got tired of starting a new diet every Monday, to only fail by Thursday. Tracking meals and water intake and exercise makes me more mindful of what I eat and when and of course why. That my friend is priceless. This is my last year being FAT.

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axxyutza said...

SparkPeople RULZ! :) been on the site since Apr 2006 and lost over 30 lbs up do date:) user on SP: CRICKETRO