Saturday, June 2, 2007

So here goes:

It is 4:58 am. I love this hour just before daybreak. The house is quiet. I can actually focus on my thoughts and feelings. Raising 4 children is exhausting, fun and well exhausting. My first thought about blogging my life was one of sheer terror. But I find myself drawn to it. So this is my maiden voyage. I am not so sure I should just spill out everything. I feel like I am on a first date. You the know the rules of a first date---don't tell all your business. A girl has to have some mystery. And also I think blogging will be healing. I have a lot of wounds and scars. I am hoping that like-minded souls will share their thoughts. I am not looking to get beat-up or beat-down. Nor do I want stranger's condemnation of my choices. Hell, nobody can dole out self-loathing better than me---I own that! So I am sitting at my desktop, watching the sun creep over the neighborhood and feeling pretty good...pretty good indeed.

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi Lovebabz. I didn't realize you were back from blogger vacation.

I've read a few of your posts in August 2008, and your writing is beautiful. I like to read the first ever post of each blogger; it is there that we often learn a little about this person.

That being said, four kids! I'll run through your other posts in the next hour and play catch up with your life in transition. :)