Sunday, August 5, 2007


Yesterday I was really pissed with my husband. How could he not want to see his kids everyday and how could he not want to see me everyday. And that's the real crux of the matter...ME. Yesterday I wasn't living in my truth. I was reacting to emotions that were masquerading as an issue about our kids. So I am burying STARK RAVING BITCH WIFE. That's not who I am, or ever aspire to be. This is not loving and it is not positive and it's untrue. I am sorry now for even trying it on---it doesn't fit and it won't ever fit. I am reminding myself that I am choosing happiness. I am choosing HAPPINESS across the board. I came across this prayer from Alice Walker years ago, I have been holding onto this scrap of paper for years--always close by.
"May You Have Peace Of Mind, May You Have Peace of Spirit, May Your Soul Be At Peace, May There Be Peace Everywhere, and May There Be Peace Between Us."

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