Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am without a doubt a woman that always sees the glass half full. As my dearest friend Ron says, "you can't help yourself--it is in your nature" He is right. I prefer being happy. I charge forward no matter what. If I am afraid, I don't let my fears get the best of me--OK not all the time. I just plow ahead. That has been my life. So now that I am transitioning from one way of life to another I am secretly excited about the possibilities that are before me. I feel deliciously free--even though I am going to jail in a few weeks and will be under house arrest after that for 5 months, I feel free and independent. My mind and spirit aren't in jail nor will they be. I dream big, always have and I know that will not change. I am looking at the world through a different lens. All the change that is happening is very much like when you go have your eyes examined and the Dr. asks you to put your chin on the bar and look through the lens. He then starts flipping different lens in front of your eyes and ask if this lens is clearer or is this clearer, is A better than B. And sure enough you get a clear view and voila! you have your prescription! This is how my life is right now, I am flipping through different lenses and the view is getting clearer and clearer and pretty soon I will see a whole new world for me and my kids.

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Mocha said...

That sounds so inspiring. And a little scary. Go for it.