Saturday, August 4, 2007


So my husband does the grocery shopping--he's always done it. So now that we are separated he continues to do it, mostly I suspect because he feels like this is his contribution to the household in lieu of child support and alimony...yep he believes this and I let him...for now. And the other reason he does the shopping is because he doesn't like the way I do it, I am too sporadic for him, too unfocused. Fuck him, I am good at shopping--I am a chef by trade. I know how to shop, I just refuse to drive all over the state for groceries. He does a great job. But my real rant for today--and I think I need a title for this series of posts...but I digress. So today he did the shopping with kids in tow, I ask him what time he will be around tomorrow--he says and I quote " I don't know, I may just want to relax" And I say-in a voice that won't scare the kids, are you kidding? what does that have to do with seeing your kids? I could feel myself getting pissed off. So I say it must be nice to relax, I don't have that luxury, I am their mother all day everyday. So rather than get into a fight he concedes and says he'll call tomorrow to let me know when he will come by. I am trying hard not to give this any real energy and really focus on what this is really about and why am I SO fucking pissed off. Until then, I am going back to listening to old school R&B on XM satellite radio.

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