Friday, August 3, 2007


The most stunning thing of late for me, is not the fact that I have to do 30 days in prison, nor that my husband has left me, or the fact that I am unemployed and God knows if I ever will be again, but that I can look out onto the horizon and chart my own course. I can think about what I want for myself and sail in that direction. The possibilities are endless. That is the gift of faith and love. I can dream the biggest dream and God will move heaven and earth to make sure that I get it. I am supposed to be happy and living well. No matter what! So it's full steam ahead from here on out. I am not depending on anybody for my own happiness. I am in command of my joy. I may not know where I am going just yet, but believe, I am sailing toward the horizon. I already know where I've been, I've already sailed through rocky waters. I am counting on smooth sailing and if I happen upon stormy weather, I know what to do, I've been in some of the stormiest weather and lived to tell the tale. God's got my back and I know it!

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