Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am awaiting my reporting papers from the Board of Prisons. My sentence of 30 days of imprisonment is schedule to start anytime between September 14 and October 1, 2007. I am hoping anytime after the 9/21--that's my son's birthday and we have a family birthday tradition, each child gets to make their own birthday cake--they pick the cake they want to make--vanilla or chocolate or some combination, they choose a color for the cake and the frosting--we use food coloring. My youngest daughter is still in the pink phase, so her cakes are always pink, pink, pink. My sons are into blues and orange. Anyway, as I am getting closer to my report time, I am grasping at remembering every little detail about my children. Mind you we haven't told them that I will be away--we will shortly. I am just waiting until I get a definitive report date. Each hurdle I have jumped since all this started is finally coming to an end. I have to do 30 days in prison, I have 5 months home confinement and 3 years of probation. And this will all be a distant memory. The wait is punishment. I feel like I am holding my breath under water and don't know when I will get to the surface. And yet, I remain optimistic, happy and in love with the transformation of my life.


BottleBlonde said...

I'd like to think that I'd hold up as well as you have in a life experience like this, but I'm not so sure. You've got that something that enables you to overcome anything.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Thanks Babz...

Regarding your time in prison I remember that Sri Aurobindo in his younger years was put in prison, too. He had some great enlightening experiences of God. That was in India maybe 100 years back. You have an opportunity, too, to sink deep down into yourself, into your own mind, and find a new YOU.

I wish you a good spirit and trust.