Friday, August 17, 2007


I can feel myself at a crossroads. I am torn in a million little pieces and pulled in as many directions. I am adrift in a sea of discontent and uncertainty. I find myself in prayer through out the day. Praying for answers to things that seem so large and ominous that it takes my breath away. Deep in my soul I feel the presence of God. I always have. Even when I turned from God on many occasions, God never turned from me. And so I know that all shall be well, and all shall be well, all shall be well. The kids and I are off to my sister Lo in NJ for a long weekend--my last trip for a while. So I am looking forward to the freedom of getting in my minivan with my kids and hitting the road. Yep, God's got my back and all shall be well.

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Lisa Diane said...


I'm a twice divorced 49 year old whose youngest of three sons just left for college last week. I'm been through the void of "separation with kids" and can relate to your feelings of "torn" and desire for freedom. An increasingly closer relationship with God and family definitely helps to work through the transition. I pray you find seasons of peace!