Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ever since the children began arriving, we have committed Sundays to listening to nothing but Jazz music. On our way to church we listen to the local jazz radio station and when we get home we listen to various jazz artists. My husband is a big jazz fan, so he has quite a collection of Monk and Miles Davis, incidentally he hasn't taken any of his Cd's to his new place. Anyway, instead of listening to gospel music--which we do occasionally, we listen to jazz. My children have an ear for it now. They know jazz when they hear it, like when we are out and about and they hear jazz music it's always "OuOuOhhh Mom do you hear Jazz Sunday"! So they have lumped all jazz music into the category of Jazz Sunday. They are little now and as they keep listening they will learn who's who. They seem to like it and I am glad. I feel like I am really giving them a gift each Sunday as cool jazz riffs through the house.

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