Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Pool, 6 Kids, and the Possibility of Making it to a Matinee

My 4 kids and my girlfriend's 2 kids had their first FREE swim lesson at the YWCA this morning. It was an adventure getting everyone out the door and into the minivan this morning. I am happy they are learning to swim. There is a psa running on the radio about the dangers of children drowning; it strongly suggests that kids take swim lessons. So here in CT the Governor's office launched a free swimming lessons program. So off we went towels and vaseline in tow. It went well, I was a bit nervous--I am parent and seeing your kid in a body of water in the care of strangers is at best, SCARY! My husband could not do this--he is already hyper-sensitive about the safety of the kids and he can swim. The first day was fine and they are all off to their camps for the rest of the day. Now, I am off to the movies. I have $10.00 and I am going to spend it on ME. Now I am thinking I might go see the new Harry Potter, or the Transformers. Harry Potter may be too crowded, I'll see when I get to the theatre. So off I go to a movie matinee...YIPPEE!

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BottleBlonde said...

SIX kids in the pool all at once?! Sounds like a tiring day for you and your girlfriend. :-) Or maybe it wasn't so tiring considering you were up for catching a movie. Where do you get the energy?

By the way, I think it's great that your kids are learning to swim!