Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It is easy to believe every negative thing that has been written and said about me of late. I have been in the press for the last 4 years. I committed a crime that turned my life upside down. My own self-loathing is greater than anything anyone else could heap on me. What has kept me grounded and sane was the ordinary kindness of people who I know well, and those that I know only in passing. It is truly amazing the way so many have reached out to make sure that I was better than OK. My friends have carried me through when I couldn't carry myself. Even my husband has been a great source of inspiration. I am bouyed by the care and concern of people who could easily turn their backs as others have done. If I thought I knew what love was, I surely was re-educated. Little things matter, small kind deeds matter. A telephone call, a brief note, stopping by and checking in, these ordinary kind things are what makes love sweeter. I am without a doubt gratfeul for these troubling days, I am learning about love and I am learning to accept the kindness offered. I deserve love and I hope for love and I live in love.

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