Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I haven't gained or lost any weight. I am pretty much hovering around the same weight--give or take 5 lbs. I must say I have to give myself some credit for being mindful of what I eat. I don't just go off into the deep end. However, I can't seem to focus on this until, well all my other issues are dealt with. It is hard to focus on my health when other thoughts seem to take over. I have this vision of how I want to be in my body. I was not a fat kid, or teenager. I put my weight on after college. Then it was an all out struggle. I know it was simply because I was sedimentary--I didn't have any athletic outlets. And I was an athlete. So here I am now, wishing and hoping and not really focusing on what it takes to lose this weight. So tonight, I am going to really think about this issue of weight-loss and figure out how to give it center stage. I think this time in my life is all about forcing me to look at my life and how I want to live it going forward. I know all my dreams and hopes and wishes and private passions are all waiting for me to reach out and grab them. I am almost ready...almost. The universe is preparing me for my destiny and soon I will be ready to walk into my newness.


Rohini said...

I read some of your posts and I have to say I totally admire your brave, optimistic and despite-all-odds attiude to life. I hope everything settles down as you would like it too... and even if it doesn't, I am sure you will find a way to get around it :)

Lovebabz said...

Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate your kind words. I choose to be happy against all obstacles. That's it. I know what kind of woman I want to be and I am moving in that direction.

Beloved said...

I am new to blogging. I've just found your blog and am beginning to read it. In all honesty, all our lives are in constant transition and we all have issues we struggle with on a daily basis. All our struggles may not be public knowledge but they are certainly a major controlling factor in determining the actions we take. You have the determination and strong will to overcome present circumstances rather than allowing those circumstances to smother your hope. For that, I applaude you. Your are an inspiration. I am hopeful as well that this issue (weight) is just another point in your transition to complete restoration.