Monday, June 1, 2009


This is definitely a new phase I am entering in my life. I am open for all the good things to come in and take residence. However I am also aware of a new found attitude...stance if you will, of not tolerating a lot of madness and mayhem. At this stage in my life I have learned a few things. Things that propel me forward in my thinking and my living.

Of late of I've learned to stop thinking about my life from a place of Those things that I think I lack are not true. I have them. I have all that I need to sustain. I want more and that is fine. Wanting does not negate the contentment of what I have and the what is. Wanting is not negative at all...unless you want to do things that are not in alignment with positivity and personal development...but I digress.

Allowing my mind to focus on what I don't have ignores all the good that I do have. I am learning to be mindful of that kind of thinking in all areas of my life. For example if there is something scheduled for a certain time...a few of us show up on time...but the host says....I am going to proceed when everyone shows up. The host is operating from a place of lack. Totally not being grateful for the folks who showed up on time. Putting more concern on the one's who are them more value. There are many instances in my life where I am focused on the lack.

Focusing on lack is directly related to how you make decisions about your life. You stay in mess too long. You convince yourself that if I don't keep this thing or the other, that I won't get anymore...there's no more to be had. When we are still and honest with our feelings and thoughts we will realize that operating from a place of lack is RIDICULOUS! But yet we work ourselves into a frenzy of desperation. Convincing ourselves that what we have is fine and that if we work harder it will become all that we want.

I am gaining a great deal of clarity around the notion of lack. I am looking at all the areas of my life and seeing where lack is showing up. Where lack was directly responsible for the decision made. And you know what? I can make new decisions!


Solomon said...

I am always striving for more, I just don't get all worked up today when I am not gaining ground. Staying stuck in mess, and being OK when we are lacking are some things that I am always working on, trying to change my way of thinking for more positive outcomes.

I realize there are much better things out there for me, but I don't need to get all worked up when things don't happen as fast as I would like them to. Things will get better soon, and as long as I keep telling myself that, it will happen.

chele said...

I know exactly what you mean. For years I stayed broke because all I could think about was being broke. When I changed my focus to abundance things began to turn around.

I found you through Aunt Jackie, 2830.

Light & Love said...

I attend a metaphysical truth center and one of our affirmations is, "there is no lack or limitation in my life."

Someone once said control your thoughts or they will control you. said...

Hello there!

I think that there are many ways to interpret our seasons of "lack"... sometimes God is withholding some things from us so that we will PURSUE more of Him.

Lovebabz said...

There is indeed better things right now for you :)

WELCOME! Aunt Jackie is is dear to me :) and I am glad you figured out "The Secret"

Light & Love,
I say change your mind...change your life!

I do not believe GOD witholds things from us to bring us closer. I think we withhold things and create drama. GOD is always welcoming. The GOD of forgiveness, justice and love.

Her Side said...

Years ago, Chris Clarke wrote a wonderful 4-part blog series called "What If?" It was about the scarcity vs. abundance model of viewing the world and our relationships. I went to the old blog and couldn't find the series in the archive. I sent a personal email to see if I could get the series for you to read. You'd love it.

Clarke carried the theory to a more global level, and spoke about what would happen if we understood that there is enough food and enough resources and enough LOVE for EVERYBODY.

Clarke even got into the interesting phenomenon on how "abundant" thinkers who spread kindness are often poorly received by the people hopelessly trapped on the "scarcity" path. (e.g. "Why are you smiling and speaking to me? Do you KNOW me?" - We've seen the type.)

I'll get that series to you if/when Clarke returns my correspondence. It really changed the way I look at things, and your post was a nice reminder...

Insatiable One said...

I am totally loving where you are right now. All this enlightenment and clarity that is coming to you is inspiring. I only hope that I too will have my "I GOT IT!" moment.