Tuesday, June 16, 2009


He has returned. He has been missed beyond words. 35 years of friendship. We've always been metaphysically connected. We have always been in love. He has returned.

We met when I was 10 and he was 11 years old. His family lived 3 doors down from us. I had 3 siblings, he had 10! We all played together, tag, flag football, kickball...oh my God lots and lots of kickball until the street lamps came on and our mothers would call us in.

I went to a different high school in a neighboring town, he went to the neighborhood high school. It was the summer of my 14th birthday that he professed love for me. He didn't kiss me until I was 16 or so. And when he did kiss me, that was the kiss that all others would be measured by.

That first kiss and all the kisses we enjoyed with each other became the standard...platinum standard! No one else has ever come close. No one.

He went off to college first. We wrote and called each other. Then I went off to college, we wrote and called each other. One summer we made a pact..a contract of undying love and commitment. We swore that we would marry someday. (he stills has his copy of the contract)

So he is back and I have so much I want to say. He is a gypsy. Never really putting roots down. Always unfinished business somewhere in the world. He has been married and divorced. He has had love affairs that have all fallen apart. He has always loved me.

We lost touch over the years. When I got married he stepped back. He disappeared. Every once in a while I would run into someone from his family...his Dad, Mom, Sisters, Brothers. They would always say you know "him" he is here, there, everywhere. When my very public scandal played out. He called me. Wanted to see me. I refused. I knew it would have been more than I could bear in those moments. He whispered words of undying love and support. And then he disappeared.

So he is here and we are reconnecting. Laughing and talking about old times and old friends. Back in step with one another. I don't dare go beyond right now. I know he is moving on. He is always moving on. I get the sense his return has meaning to me and my life. Everything that connects to me is divinely appointed. This is a gift.

A principled man, kind, generous, witty and loves me just how I am and only sees my beauty and does not put any stock in my faults, shortcoming and frailties. He thinks I am amazing!

It has been a marvelous friendship. A love story that endures...continues on. Our love story makes room for who we are. His love is the gift I need right now. Soon he will be gone. I believe I am supposed to see love like this. It is a reminder and preparation for what comes next...who comes next.



Sista GP said...

Nice! We don't know what path has been divinely set for us, but we must be open, aware, and follow it.

Enjoy your journey, Sis

Solomon said...

he sounds like a very special person. Make sure to keep in touch with him, no matter what.

LadyLee said...

What happy memories you have. They made me smile.

MsKnowitAll said...

This is romantic! I love it!

Love is certainly a gift. It is so nice to have beautiful memories and a friendship to attach those memories to.

Your best is yet to come!

Princess Tinybutt said...


Mizrepresent said...

Awe, that's a beautiful story...enjoy lady, u are so deserving!

Her Side said...

This was lovely. I couldn't peel my eyes from this post. Beautiful things draw people. Your romance drew me in, and I wanted to read even more.

My comment is really... Just thank you for sharing this with us.

Lovebabz said...

Sista GP,
You know I am aware, open and on the path to follow wherever it leads me :)

He is a very special person. We always manage to catch up to each other.

I am truely gratful for the happy memories :)

It does have a lovley romantic slant. He will always be my dearest friend.


It is nice to have him around. He was truly missed.

Her Side,
Glad you liked the post.

Mocha said...

Whew! Oooohhhh, girl. That was a fantastic story! I'm going to keep reading with interest!

Best of luck and happy memories for you both!


Vérité Parlant said...

Well, this is good news. Let it flow. You deserve all the love that comes your way.