Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All of my actions about seeking love did not match what I knew about love and what I wanted for love. I was prepared to live a life resigned to managing loneliness. It was not deliberate. I did not wake up and say let me live in black and white and trudge through my days. I did not set out to make my children the only source of my joy. I talked about love and was hopeful for love, but couldn't get in gear to make myself available to love. I was resigning myself to manage my loneliness.

Love waits on welcome, not on time...Course Of Miracles.

No matter what happens in this rediscovered love supreme. I can't go back to Black & White. I am in High Definition! and I love it. I am vibrant and excited and passionate. He did not bring HD to me...but he certainly empowered me to flip the switch.

I truly understand what it means to live with passion. To feel your blood coursing through your veins. To sit in someone arms and look them in the eye and hold their gaze with love and admiration. I am at home with this new found passion. It suits me. It makes me more of a woman. It connects me closer to the divinity. It says I am alive every second.

There is no going back. No matter what the outcome. No matter if there is or isn't a future with him or anyone else. Life is meant to be lived in High Definition. That does not always mean loud and crazy. It means feeling everything that life brings, gives, is.

The Love Story continues...



Stephen Bess said...

Hey! You sound like you have some powerful stuff going on for your show. A brother is at work so I can't listen, but keep doing what you're doing. Enjoy your day. Peace~

Vérité Parlant said...

This may be the perfect example of faith in action. You've been saying you wanted a relationship, focusing on the feminine, making sure you're whole and ready, and now look! Relationship. :-)

Big Mark 243 said...

Hope that your new relationship continues to blossom ... interesting topic on the show, don't know what to say about the discussion.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Wow, I want details... ha ha.

Loved the show. You have a great laugh!

And my dear blogging single mom friend, Quest for T, has turned me onto the Course in Miracles. She recited another quote yesterday that really helped.

The Artist In Me said...

Love, love, love....I haven't been reading in a while, but I am sure glad I am back because you are speaking the truth!

Mizrepresent said...

Oh Lovebabz, i hear you and feel you...the unexpected is so welcome in my life...the tiny treasures are worth every single second of my day...i know it may not be forever...but for me forever is today! Loving it!