Friday, June 26, 2009


The last couple days have been overwhelming. We've lost some entertainment heavy weights. It is a personal loss for those of us who grew up watching Farrah Fawcett on Charlie's Angels...who could resist that big million dollar smile! I can't even begin to process my feelings about the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson. I am not going over his life story. I am not giving voice to his troubles. I've known trouble deep and wide and death didn't rescue me. I get to live on.

What I have learned in the face of loved ones dying is that its not their dying that distresses...well not so much solely...but I think its the regret. The regret of not saying, doing, being near, calling, connecting, staying with that love. It hurts. We always think we have more time to say, do and be what our heart desires. The reality is we only have right now. Right now is hard to process. We all spend a great deal of time looking out to the horizon. Thinking about tomorrow, the next day, the day after and the days after that. There is no way to balance that. There is only accepting and living with a full heart in every moment you get. That's it. That's the gift.

We all have unrequited loves...created by our own hands. We are the master planner of all our regrets and longings. We all have sat in the space of regret...and why didn't I? That's the death...that's the thing that breaks our hearts when we lose someone...did I do enough?...did they know that I loved them?...what else could I have done to show all that is in my heart?

Farrah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson are larger than life reminders that in the end, it truly is about love. Love is the thing that trappings.



princessdominique said...

You're so right. A great reminder Babz!

Moanerplicity said...

I think each time someone who played a role in our lives dies, a part of us grows sadder and older.

I wasn't a huge fan of Farrah as an actress, at least not until The Burning Bed. She proved her worth as a celebrity then, and she lived her last days out so bravely, that I can only admire her.

Michael. Wow! I wish he could have known and FELT real love deep down in his soul. Not just worldwide fame, not just attention, the screams of fans or vast millions in money... just the beautiful intimacy of another spirit truly loving HIM. Hopefully, he got that from his children. He gave this world so much, he deserved to be authentically LOVED in return.

RIP, you beautiful iconic people!


Princess Tinybutt said...

yes, loss and regret always makes us pause.

this would be a great topic for blogradio...