Monday, February 25, 2008


Today is Margeaux Helena's 6th birthday! We named her after my late mother, Margaret and my mother-in-law Helen. Margeaux was the only child to arrive as a newborn...2 weeks old. We had to wait until she got to exactly 5 lbs before she could come home--she was born with drugs in her system and was low birth weight. She did go to a foster home for a few days right out of the hospital while we were jumping through home inspection hoops, updating our adoption paper work and so on.

The Social Worker arrived with her in a car seat and a little diaper bag, that was all she had. She was so tiny wrapped in moutains of pink blankets. The Social Worker put her in my arms and said see ya! I was stunned! What! where are you going so fast I said. She looked at me and firmly said: "you are her mother, you will be fine". And out the door she went. In that moment the real love affair began.
Nikki Giovanni

and always there will be children

there will be children in the heat of day
there will be children in the cold of winter

children like a quilted blanket
are welcomed in our old age

children like a block of ice to a desert sheik
are a sign of status in our youth

we feed the children with our culture
that they might understand our travail

we nourish the children on our gods
that they may understand respect

we urge the children on the tracks
that our race will not fall short

but children are not ours
nor we theirs they are future we are past

how do we welcome the future
not with the colonialism of the past
for that is our problem
not with the racism of the past
for that is their problem
not with the fears of our own status
for history is lived not dictated

we welcome the young of all groups
as our own with the solid nourishment
of food and warmth

we prepare the way with solid
nourishment of self-actualization

we implore all the young to prepare for the young
because always there will be children

Rome 12 November 1974


Don said...

First off, that smile on her face pretty much says it all. Props for giving your motherly love to the blessed young lady. Born with drugs in her system...sad but she don't have to worry about now.

Also, everytime I read something by Nikki Giovanni (third time reading a poem of hers on a blog this week), I am amazed @ her poetic talent. She was pretty good.

I saw where you said you sent an email. I never recived it. Can you resend it?

Lovebabz said...

Hey Don,

Thanks as always for your kind kind words.

Nikki Giovanni ROCKS! She is more than pretty good. SHE is the BEST!

I will send the copy of the email to you...thanks!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Margeaux! Happy Birthday Mom. That girl looks dynamic.

Lovebabz said...

Thanks Jennifer,
Margeaux is an amazing kid. She is a lot of work too!

Mizrepresent said...

Happy Birthday Margeaux! Love to you deserve every little bit of it...and more, hugz to you, because i can't help but want to hug you for your spirit and drive!

Princess TinyButt said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGEAUX!!! congrats my sister and friend!



Lovebabz said...


I love HUGZ! Lot and lots and lots...bring em on!

I am not star struck, celebrities don't move me. But folks who can pen a poem are like rock stars to me. Nikki Giovanni got me through college. I owe so much to her words.

May-Bee said...

What a great smile!

Lovebabz said...

Yes she has the biggest "kool-aid" smile on the planet and she is a camera hog!

The Artist In Me said...

Happy Birthday Margeaux! Her smile is absolutely marvelous. It could brighten any down day, and I am sure that it has done so for you plenty of times.

Keep up the good parenting skills...they are showing!

Lovebabz said...

Thanks Sister,
They all have their way of cheering me up and cheering me on!
They are the best part of my life.

CapCity said...

Happy Birthday, Margeaux Helena! And we won't tell yo' mama she's a lot of work, too! Oh, whoops, she's listening! LOL! Hey LoveBabz! Sis - LIFE is a LOT of work. I never understand WHY folk are so quick to say that phrase in reference to chirren. AND before U ask: No, don't have chirren of my own yet! I have taught and LOVED many children that were birthed &/or raised by others! ENJOY the FRUITS of your LABOR, Sistah Babz!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Beautiful CapCity,

Yes I have been known to be a lot of work too! This Child IS a lot of work. 6 going 36! She is delightful and exhausting. She is one of these terribly smart and gifted children so you have to constantly feed her intelect and creativity. It can be exhausting. But my joy!