Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am discovering that love is all around me. I do not have to go and seek it out. It exist in me, with me and from me. I am discovering that I do not have to be anything other than BE who I am. I am tearing down barriers so that love can shine through. I am tearing down hard built walls so that love may emerge. So that I may bask in the sun. I am discovering that who shows up in my life is supposed to show up. Whomever is in front of me is good enough as is. I am learning to love everyone as is. It is easy to not see people for who they are. We have all been conditioned to fall in love with potential. To settle for whatever and then go about the business of changing that person. From here on out, I want everyone to see me as is. To love me as is, as God loves me as is. I am done with smoke and mirrors. I am done with manipulations. I am done with begging for affection. This ME is grand and if you don't want GRAND or can't HANDLE Grand, then keep it moving. Because the light is shinning bright and I love it!

New Face
I have learned not to worry about love.
but to honor its coming
with all my heart.
To examine the dark mysteries
of the blood
with headless heed and
to know the rush feelings
swift and flowing
as water.
The source appears to be
some inexhaustible
within our twin and triple
the new face I turn up
to you
no one else on earth
has ever seen.


Krissyface said...

what a beautiful and inspiring entry!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you. It is the truth. Iam walking out on faith and lving the best life possible.

Natalie said...

Hi Babz,

What you've said is absolutely true. Especially the part about being raised to fall in love with a person's potential and then immediately go about trying to change them. I'm struggling to learn the lesson of release and forgiveness because I can see it's the only way I'm going to move forward in my own life. It's a tricky thing. I was just talking with JB about this yesterday. Thanks for your words of inspiration. have a great day!

Lovebabz said...

Thanks Natalie,

It is hard to do! We have been conditioned to see what we want to see in people. The stuff we don't like we just dismiss or ignore or push it aside. Then if it's truly not good for us, we keep at it as if the more pressure we apply will somehow make it ok for us to continue in the mess.

You have a great day too!