Friday, February 15, 2008


I was expecting to have a meltdown yesterday. I was planning for it. I was prepared for it. For the first time in my adult life I was not a part of a couple. I was not someone's love interest. No flowers from a lover. No intimate little gifts of affection. I was prepared for the blues to poke in. They did. They showed-up yesterday morning while I was in the shower lathering up with my favorite shower gel and all the the memories of showering with Him came rushing in. I did what any Warrior Queen would do, I beat them back. Turned up my MJB CD...Fine, Fine, Fine and I was. The day was lovely, lots of well wishing and phone calls and e-cards and flowers. All was well. Until about 10:00pm the blues crept back in and the thought of going to bed alone was overwhelming. I mean there was nothing to do but cry. And cry I did. A nice long soulful cry. Now there is a piece missing here--but it is rather private. Someone did reach out to me and shared their spirit with me. That was beyond comforting. They were not physically here, but here nonetheless. I am grateful for the long distance reach. So here I am feeling further along in my spiritual journey and feeling like the Warrior Queen that I am. There was a shift last night in the time space continuum. I see things in a different light. Morning has that power...the power of clarity and illumination of the dark places of the mind. I am boldly walking toward my destiny. I feel it. Love is in the everyday. It is the doing and the being and the divinity. That is the real gift, walking in faith and knowing that love is sensual and intellectual and physical, spiritual, mental and all emcompassing. My goal is to accept my broken pieces along with the whole pieces and allow God to do the heavy lifting. He is preparing my divine mate as I prepare my spirit to recieve. In the meantime...the work continues.

Cicely Rodway
For a New love

Love has come
And truth filled:

It has torn open
Closed places
That no longer
Need hiding places
Now that love has come
Building gentle joy
Wisps in new places.
And in new spaces
It was worth
Waking for.


Don said...

Man, you cried? Sorry to hear that. Not being in a relationship isn't really a bad thing, but then again, I can't really speak on your heart so...

But I am glad that someoen reached out to you, yesterday. Good deal. I too think every thing has its own time and season. When that right person appears, you will appreciate him better.

If only Mary J. realized how much her words mean.

Lovebabz said...

Don, you are peach and I appreciate your kind words! Yesterday was lovely. I just had a moment of rememberence that morphed into sadness. But I am sensing a new energy that will carry me further.

laurie said...

Wishing you a year filled with ALL the love that you deserve (which is a very great deal indeed, my friend). xo

Lovebabz said...

Hey Laurie,

Thnaks fo rstopping in. I am rather happy. Just a few glitches but nothing a Warrior Queen can't handle!

The Artist In Me said...

This is my first time in your space, but this is a powerful piece indeed! Your courage to keep it moving will come with each passing day that the LORD grants you. Keep your head up knowing that there is nothing too wonderful for His daughter to have. When He delivers, love like you have never loved before...without hesitation.

I will definitely keep reading!
Be blessed!