Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have not talked a great deal about serving time at the Danbury Federal Prison Camp. Not because I am ashamed or find it upsetting. Quite the contrary. I am not ashamed to have served there. I am over that. There is nothing I can do about the past. And what is the past anyway, but memories in your mind. I haven't talked about it because I wanted to create a real space for it. To give it respect. To honor that time. No I am not holding it up as a thing of pride, but as an experience that has shaped my rethinking about my life, how I choose to come to love and community and GOD.

From an outsider's perspective 30 days...actually 29 days is not a huge amount of time. For me it was an eternity. I still think I can't really share my experience here in the way that I need to. Perhaps I will dedicate a series of posts or perhaps some other outlet for its release, or maybe not.

My life when laid out is big. It is grand and sweeping and full of lots of different kinds of experiences and people. I have done a lot, seen a lot, been a lot of different things and I am still evolving into the woman I am destined to become. I am getting out of my own way...ok most days I am getting out of my own way and letting the spirit of God move me forward. I am accutely aware of that. I am opening myself up to new experiences and new people that will only add positively to my evolution. Danbury does not loom large over my existence, but it does have its place. The women I met while there were some of the most gracious and caring women I have ever met. I think of them often and I hold them in my prayers. I know they are thinking of me from time to time...I can feel their spirit wishing me well.

I am fearless and forever prayerful and exceedingly hopeful about the world and my place in it. I recognize the grace of my life and the love that surrounds me. I am living in the right now and I am loving it.

Dorothy E. King
CJ--The End

go forth


that i love you

that i wish only good things
for you

that i hope you find your rainbow
with a golden pot
full of whatever it is you desire

that while our time together was brief
it filled a lifetime worth of dreams

go forth
with the tender feelings
i tear from my heart
to share with you

go forth
that i will remember it all
every moment


Don said...

Real talk post. I can't do anything but respect it, and respect the human being who wrote it.


Lovebabz said...

Thanks Don!

I appreciate your kind posts. You always lift me up and I greatly appreciate that.

Mizrepresent said...

Another lovely post that touches the poem too!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you Mizrepresent!

Yes isn't that poem just enough--it's all grown-up and confident.

CapCity said...

AND u talkin' bout I RULE (over at tinybutt's;-)! Sistah Babz U are the TRUFF! Mad luv 4 ya!

Sharon said...

I am always amazed that even in those moments we never anticipated or desired, we are being prepared and/or equipped to help someone else. One of my greatest fears is the thought of ever being locked up. Not that I expect to be locked up, but sometimes, ish happens. I have always imagined that if it ever happened, it would be unsurvivable,but being exposed to your perspective on the experience reaffirms what I most likely would have found later than anything else, it would be something I would find a way to deal with just as I always have, just like you have done.

As always, coming here expands the limits I place on myself.

Lovebabz said...


I saw that in your 100 things about you for your 100th post celebration. I too was afraid. But you push forward. There is only Love or Fear. When you chose Love, fear is nothing. When you chose love, you can do anything, go anywhere and be anything. I stepped into love and all was well.