Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am out of balance. I am feeling a bit sad. It is not a state of mind I like being in and I recognize it when it shows up. I am however, not going to run from feeling out of sorts. I am going to allow myself this time to feel these feelings. I am going to allow my self the honor of feeling sad and blue. Mind you I am not wallowing in self-pity. I am allowing myself the time to keep my own council and retreat for a bit into myself. I am not afraid that this will turn into full blown depression. I believe, when I do not give myself the opportunity to get in touch with my real feelings and deal with what's underneath that is causing me pain then depression has opportunity to take root. I have to give myself back to myself and stand fully in my spirit.

So today I am retreating inward. I am going to spend my day in prayer and meditation. I am shutting out the noise of the world and finding my center. I am slowing down the routine of my life today and will return renewed and in balance. If not I will take another day and another many days as I need until I am feeling renewed and replenished.

Dorothy Meekins
A Place Called Comfort

The last time I gave my lover a bath, my hands caressed his
smooth black skin. The small ripples of waves brushed gently against the tub, taking with them lifeless, skin, that retreated to the foot of the tub.

The essence of flowers added sweet smells and candlelight
danced against walls. I stroked him gently and wished the night could last forever. His perfectly chiseled body lay limp
from the steam created by the hot water and his eyelids
relaxed to a near closed position.

Sometimes now, as I fall asleep, I remember that time, the
pleasant small talk and my escalating emotions. He melted
inside me that day and I found within the experience, a place called Comfort.

The last time I gave my lover a bath, I went to a place that protected me from all the pain that my life has known, a place
called Comfort.


Don said...

I feel you. I tend to do that from time to time. Especially on weekends. Just get with my female friend and disappear.

Also, I am under the belief that it takes both sunshien and rain to grow.

So go ahead and take your time and grow.

May-Bee said...

Yes -- take the time to feel your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel sad is not the same as wallowing. It's important.

I have days like that, too. I had a blue Wednesday a couple of weeks ago when my brother left after a visit.

Take it easy.

The Artist In Me said...

These types of days often offer a lot of insight into who we are as individuals and ignite change.

Do exactly as you are and feel through this time and allow the positive change to occur.

Be blessed!

Mizrepresent said...

HUGZ Sis, and i feel you on this...we all need a little quiet, introspective please take your let that Butterfly immerse!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dont go inside stay out and play, y so sad

Lovebabz said...

This blogging world is amazing. You get what you need here--in the blogospehre. I am so buoyed by the response to my Sad & Blue Day.

Don, you are an amazing man. You never seem to let me down. Just always right on time! I hope to get to clink glasses of tequila with you!

May-Bee, we are on the same journey. We are both traveling down the yellow brick road.

Dearest, The Artist in Me. You are right. this time will most defintely allow for chnage/groeth and more illumination into my life's purpose.

Mizrepresent, I rather do feel like a butterfly...what emerges is got to be grand and beautiful!

Torrence, I always want to play with you...and will stay out side for as long as you stay outside. I love you and I think you are's the's all about the swagger baby!

Mizrepresent said...

Lovebabz - lol@immerse...meant emerge...OMG...okay, no more wine for me tonight...hugz sis! lol@myself!

Sister P said...

Glad you can feel the love you deserve. Be blessed!

Lovebabz said... too! No more wine for me either. If it's any consolation--I knew what you meant!

Hey Sister P,
I am greatly appreciative of my blog fam! I am having "one of those days" but all shall be well and all shall be well.

Sharon said...

Allowing oneself to feel what one feels is exactly what we grown azz womens do; so gone do yo thang gurl and when you are done, do it again if the feeling hits you ;-)

Lovebabz said...

Sharon, you are so RIGHT! Years ago I would have done anything and everything not to feel sad or blue. But now that I am starting to stand in the Grown Woman space, I can take care of myself in ways that I never imagined I could before.