Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last year this time I was extremely stressed out. I was facing a ton of things and trying to hold on with everything I had. It is amazing now as I look back, how I was so at the end of my rope. My life had dramatically changed and I felt out of control, lost and hurt. And I had 4 little kids that needed to be taken care of. Every morning I got up I was not happy. I went to bed with death on my mind. How sad to think that I was so consumed with my pain that I was missing out on the real blessings. Luckily and divinely I came to my senses and I learned to be still.

Being still is not easy. When adversity comes our way, our first instinct is to do something...fight back. Try to change the situation with force and will. But I have found that when I go to my knees and I talk with God as my friend, God as the great listener, God as the healer, that sweeping peace comes over me. I cannot imagine being in that sort of turmoil again. If I do find my self facing trouble, I know what to do. I know to walk in truth, be still and look for the blessings hidden underneath.

Pain only last as long as you are willing to allow it to. Moving past pain can be difficult because it grips you, it strangles you and it isolates you. It takes great courage to move on from pain. I have been doing it all my life. I have been moving toward this grand life all of my life. I can see that now. I can see that all is as it should be. All the folks that I have met, all the experiences, all the joy, all the pain, all the laughter, all the tears brought me to this moment. Sitting in the right now of all possibilities. I can do anything. Last year was full of lessons, teaching that nothing lasts forever and all we have is this perfect moment right now.


The Artist In Me said...

Love, this post hits the core of my soul and spirit. I too have learned that no one has the power to steal one's joy. We often times give it away. Finding the silver lining in every cloud is a gift. Hold onto that gift, and never let it go. You are and will be a better person for it.

Be blessed!

MsKnowitAll said...

Good post!

Life is a series of cycles... I'm learning... and your post is a visual one for me, seeing you cyclng higher and higher with every year, learning your life lesson.

Very inspirational.

Lovebabz said...

Hey AIM!
Keep the faith! No one has the right to steal your joy...not even you! Keep focused on the blessings and everything else will fall into place.

Dear Msknowitall,
Thank you! All I can do is press on and try to do it with as much grace as I can.

sista gp said...

In HIS school of Grace, we are all lifetime students.

Mizrepresent said...

Lady, i so hear and feel ya, that i felt like standing up and shouting, because i am now moving into my realm of enlightment, peace and joy. God promised it a long time ago, told me to be patient, to trust, to hold on, and i have by my fingertips, but now not a day goes by that i'm not laughing, smiling, and enjoying this new experience, this experience of love, of peace, of joy. A year ago, i was a mess, suffering, trying to piece back together a life i had left by the wayside, a life of pain, of struggle, but today I'm free!

Aunt Jackie said...

i am re-reading the power of now right now and touching upon these aspects in my life..again.

great great post!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sista GP,
Yes that is divine!

Don't you feel happier, when you laugh more and just enjoy your life! Last year was the same for me too and look how far we have come!

I have that book on my nightstand awe speak. It is good to go back and reconnect. We need refreshers!

The Pew View said...

Praise the Lawd baby. You sho did bless my soul with this. You know I'm going through right now. I den gave up my sugar son, Crown Royal and my glaucoma medicine. Thats a lot for an old lady to loose at one time but I look to the hills for which my help comes. That Lawd is truly my help. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Lovebabz said...

Hey Miss Ruthie Ann,
You know I hold you in my prayers! And I know you are a strong woman!