Friday, June 13, 2008


What is on your mind will be reflected in your life. If you believe that you don't deserve to have a fulfilling life, you won't. If you believe love is not for you, then it won't be. If you believe that you keep choosing the wrong mate, then you will continue to do so. Creating my own reality was by far the greatest challenge for me. I just didn't get it. I just didn't understand between what was on my mind and what was happening in my life. I made a great many excuses why this thing or that thing was happening. It wasn't until I really got it (reading, meditating, prayer and conversations) that I began to see what the power of the mind could do. It took changing my mind to change my life.

The process of changing your mind is simple and hard. You have to be committed to thinking another way. You have to let go of old hurts and wounds. You have to be willing to be "naked" and you have to love yourself enough to stop all the drama. As I say to my children "It is not what others do, but what you do that matters" You have to be willing to suspend disbelief about what love is. You have to be willing to let go of those that do not have your best interest at heart and in mind. You have to surround yourself with like-minded souls. You have to keep your own counsel...trusting that you have all you do. You have to be committed to having a life you believe you deserve and live and love into it.

I have changed my mind about who I want to be, how I want to live and how I want to love. My sojourn has been one of great joy and inspiration. Reflecting on one's life is healing and empowering. I can feel the power of the universe cheering me on. GOD does have a plan....even when I am in doubt and fear tries to creep in. GOD has a plan.


Princess Tinybutt said...

umpf. feeling this, needing this. change my mind, change my life. yes, and i thank you. now maybe i can get some sleep. 4:30am.


alto artist said...

YES. And when one person changes, everyone else begins to realize that they can do the same, and are not powerless. And goodness begins to spread like a virus!

(I hope you received the email I sent the other day--if not, let me know and I will re-send!)


Lovebabz said...

Hey Princess,
Ahh you need to be resting! LOL!

Alto Artist,
Yes I just responded to your email! I was trying to work my plans out before I replied.

I like that goodness begins to spread like a virus. That is how I feel surrounded by positive folks!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i know thats right

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

PREACH!!!!!! AMEN.....AMEN!!!

Danie said...

You hit it on the head with this one...that's just what I need to do at this point in my life...It's time for me to let go of the mistakes of my past and to stop allowing my mistakes to define me...It's time to change my thinking. Great Post!

Lovebabz said...

It feels right!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Just trying to live the way I want.

It all begins with the changing of your mind.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

NUTMEG: I stare into the abyss. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of that. It's just another factor.

That's probably why I like to think with my hands (on the keyboard). Not, definitely not, because I want to show anyone how smart I am or get the overs on anyone or do anything malign.

Take that to the bank and borrow against it.

So, I conceptualize things in my head, weigh them up, look at them from as many angles as possible and write it up, whether at my site or anyone else's who I like.

It's a compliment. It means I trust you.

I have no desire to take over anyone's posts with my comments. It stands to reason: 1) I have a lovely gaff with a great team and I'm free there to write at will 2) what material, physical, financial, or psychological gain could I possibly derive from taking over a post with my comments? The other day there surely was someone with a terrible agenda at RDB. That's not what I'm doing this for. If I write something I'm offering it up and am willing to stand by it or be convinced that I'm in error.

This is my way of making sense out of a life without God and without meaning. I don't debate theology with anyone except anybody who tries to convince me to believe that which I'm incapable of doing. I have no clever reasons for my lack of faith it's just there.

I often asked people of faith to describe it to me, but it always ends up like I'm colorblind and someone is trying to explain what Blue is.

I went out with a very religious woman for a couple of months and not a day went by that she didn't try to get me to believe in God and to show me examples of God and worse still to show me a book and tell me that book was written by God and the words in it were the only truth. I kept saying that if I were colorblind I couldn't be taught BLUE.

Oh, here's the answer to the obvious question: the sex was just fucking BOSS.

Another day older but not even three seconds wiser. But I go on.

CapCity said...

YUP! U've got me sayin' that a LOT lately! LOL!

Aunt Jackie said...

I am not more convinced than ever that you and i drink from the same well of knowledge!

I remember a most poignant statement I learned in a prayer class at Agape that said that we get not what we pray for, but what we believe so until we change our belief system, are prayers will go answered but perhaps not as we would hope.

I think that can apply to thought as well as prayer.

I work on rewiring my belief system on a daily!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Kelso,
As you know I am a bleeding heart liberal. I say let folks go about the world in their own fashion. For me I know GOD IS. For me there is no convincing in LOVE. I am not in the convincing business. I only know what my big life has been about. The hand of GOD is ever present in my life. I am ever gratfeul.

Capcity ,
You inspire me to do more, think big! Thre is no price for that kind of motivation!

We are definitely connected! When I read you and I am like SHIT that's me talking! She is saying what I would say!

We are Sisters in the spirit!

Rich said...

I know this to be true, but it is glaringly obvious when I visit my parents. My Dad is the worst when it comes to "you can't do this because" and I never knew the impact that had on my life until I moved away and go back from time to time and he's singing the same song. My wife really noticed it and pointed out how I have fallen to that thinking a time or two.

It's hard and easy to reprogram ourselves.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Brother Fitzgerald,

As I sad it is easy and ahrd. And then you throw in parental hang-ups! Thanks for sharing that. Atleast you recognize it for what it is and your wife is a saint for calling you out on it.

Mizrepresent said...

"You have a plan, But God has an even bigger plan for you." O

I so loved this quote, just like i love this post. Yes Lovebabz, we have to think, speak, write our dreams into reality. I am doing this more and i am finally witnessing the bearing of fruit! Have a great weekend Sister!

Tony OH said...

Duh! And you're in the plan so believe it and receive it... Have a great Weekend Baby! :0)

Lovebabz said...

Yes I am a firm believer that you must claim the things you want. If you do not believe for yourself that you deserve to be loved, loving, happy and peaceful then how can you ask for those things?

Tony OH,
DUH! LOL! Yes my friend you are so right!

professor said...

...What is on your mind will be reflected in your life...YUP THIS IS SOO TRUE...
If you believe that you don't deserve to have a fulfilling life, you won't...I TELL FOLKS THIS ALL THE TIME...
If you believe love is not for you, then it won't be. If you believe that you keep choosing the wrong mate, then you will continue to do so...I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THIS AS I CAN HONESTLY SAY DEEP IN MY HEART I AM OVER MY BABYDADDY...I WAS DOWNING MYSELF AND SAYING IM NOT PRETTY ENOUGH TO FIND SOMEONE WHO IS DESERVING OF MY LOVE... Creating my own reality was by far the greatest challenge for me...I TOTALLY AGREE...I HAVE CREATED MY REALITY AND I AM IN LOVE WITH IT...GOOD WRITING...

Lovebabz said...

Hey Professor,
It is amazing how I just stumbled into that secret. Just change you r mind and watch everything else change around you.

Keep the faith!

MsKnowitAll said...

i love, love, love, this post!

you can change your hair, your clothes, your make-up, your environment but if your mind-set is on the past hurts, failures, failed relationships, you can't see the bigger picture, you can't move forward.

thank you Lovebabz.

Lovebabz said...

YES! That is it!