Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have learned over the course of this big life to be still. Every situation, every issue, every action does not need a response. Sometimes to do nothing is the something to be done.

It has been a very hard lesson for me to learn over the years. I am always in "fix it" mode. I am always trying to make things right. But making things right is often not what is needed. Sometimes you gotta be still. Be quiet. Sometimes you have to ease your mind. Everything is not about a battle. Even warriors have to chill out. So many of us have been in battle mode for all of our lives. Always primed and ready for the punches life throws. I know folks who see life as a struggle...a constant battle for survival. WOW! I can't imagine how exhausting that is. To get up everyday expecting a fight of some sort. I suppose that disposition has its place.

If you are always expecting a will get a fight. What you seek will get. I am seeking love. Peace. QUIET. Being still allows me to attract I do not have a waring spirit. I have long since given up fighting the world for my place in it. The fights that I deem worthy are the ones in my mind. They are the fears that seek to knock me down and keep me down. When I am off my game and out of sorts...I blindly swing at my fears. But when I am on win every time.

Being in love allows you to put down the axe. Love calls for harmony and tenderness and acceptance. Being still sets the stage for love to work its healing and restorative magic.

The gift of stillness opens the heart.


Insatiable One said...

*knock knock* Are you in my mind and my spirit? You must be. I reallythink you are. LOL. I have learned so much about being "still" as I've gotten older. Running the streets and always trying to be into something was my way of life. And when I became a mother last August, even here at 9 months later, just being still with my son and my spirit gives me so much peace. Nothing brings joy to my world and my life than getting home from work Friday night with my baby, giving us both a bath, putting on pjs and spending the night playing with him.

Peace be still!

Solomon said...

I can relate to this post, I have been feeling more and more 'still' almost every day lately.

As I grow, my spirit seems to guide me. and keep me going on the right track, the track that God wants me to stay on, so that I can be as close to Him as I ca be.

SLC said...

I love this.
Can I place this on PerspectiveI have what I call the post of the moment and I would love to share this with the rest of my blog family.

Lovebabz said...

Insatiable One,
I have found that wjen I give myself back to myself with the gift of stillness I become a lot more clearer and focused. Enjoy that baby! They truly grow up so fast.

That's the key...listening to God in the stillness. Not allowing so many things compete for your attention.

You are more than welcome to use what ever you like. I am honored that you think anything I have to say resonated with you and blog family.

-Q. said...

I blindly swing at my fears- i can so relate.. Nonetheless, be still my freind -Q.

Mizrepresent said...

You are so right...being still grants you peace. I especially like the times when it early an everyone is asleep but i'm awake, listening to the birds, thinking, dreaming and envisioning. Great post lady!

Soulpower said...

Thanks for telling my warring spirit to STFU. Much needed. Will you need to moderate this? LOL!

Lovebabz said...

Dearest! How nice to see you here! I do hope youa re well ((HUGS))

Isn't that the most divine time when you are up early and everyone is still asleep! The stillness is beautiful.

Absolutely no moderating needed LOL!