Friday, May 15, 2009


No matter what the world throws at you, you get to decide if you want to catch it...receive it...accept it. I am one of those people who truly believes that every encounter is a divine encounter. That everything is a lesson waiting to be learned. That each person that crosses my path were divinely placed there to help me. Sometimes that help is about how to let go. Sometimes that help is recognizing that poison really is poison.

I am a big believer in signs and symbols. God speaks to me on the regular basis. Most times its a burning bush. Why a burning bush? Because I failed to head the whisper. I ignored the small voice telling me...STOP...TURN AROUND...DON'T GO THERE. So I get the burning life is on fire. It gets my full attention. For once, I would like to just heed the whisper.

To heed the signs that GOD has placed before me requires trust. Trust that I can read and discern the meaning of each sign and symbol. I can. The other part of the heeding the signs is actually going beyond just recognizing the signs and symbols but actually following their clear direction. Free will lends itself to doing what you want to do...even if its not in your best interest. OUCH.

So here I am at a crossroads. In need of trusting what I know to be true and moving in the direction of truth. Don't we all want to walk in truth? Perhaps not if it means giving up bad habits, undeserving relationships and folks who do not add to the harmony of your life. How do we know that. Truthfully? We know when things and people are not good for us. We know. We ignore and we live in mess because to walk in truth may mean we are alone...without the comfort of the familiar. No matter how painful, we can't give up the pain...the mistreatment, the disrespect...the carelessness. We know it so well. How can we just let it go?

I am beginning my walk in truth. I am reading the signs and symbols with a discerning eye. I am committed to the pursuit of happiness..harmony and bliss. I am tired of accepting whatever because what I want is out of reach. It is not out of reach. I am out of touch and afraid.

So, I am on this journey and the signs are clear. I am ready to read them as they are presented. I am ready to live as I dreamed I could. Letting go of those who do not add to the peace of my life.


Light & Love said...

I think it's awesome of you to share and to be honest with yourself.

Very motivating and helpful as I approach my birthday..11...10...9..

Thank you. I receive your message this morning.

LadyLee said...

Oh my, that was very rich. Very rich indeed. Great post. I won't say much, because I'd blog out of control in your comment section. But so many truths were all up through there. I will be pondering this post for awhile, Miss. I am printing it out to place in my journal.

Solomon said...

Everything you write inspires me in some way, keep it real, as I will.

Lovebabz said...

Light & Love,
I am glad anything I said was motivating to you.

LOL! You are welcome to comment as much as you like! I love what you have to are always so deep.

Thanks for the high compliment. We all living our lives. For me its about doing it with as much grace and love as I can :)