Friday, May 8, 2009


So many of us rush about the world doing this, that, or the other thing on behalf of children, spouses, significant others, churches, community, big mama, auntie so-and-so, But we NEVER EVER do anything for ourselves.

We believe that we ought to be selfless all the time. That our own lives are better lived as a servant to others. Even God took a break. And we are not God. So why is taking a break so hard to fathom, suggest...take?

Could it be that we are not deserving? Are we really that crazy? I suspect that we stay busy to stay out of our minds. Because if we focused on taking some well deserved time, we may wish for our lives to be different, and maybe act upon those wishes. AAAhhh what does that mean?

It means fear manifests itself in so many forms and in so many instances that we are not even aware. Because if you stop to catch your breath then you might come to realize that you are not living as God intended you to. You see selfless service is not service. But an issue that needs to be addressed and got at the heart of. Running yourself ragged everyday is not loving to you or to those around you. Working tirelessly on anything is not good for your health or your spirit. All it does is seed and grow spite and resentment. It puts you in the role of martyr---LOOK LOOK SEE HOW I AM SACRIFICING MY LIFE FOR YOU!

We insulate ourselves in our suit of fear and unfinished soul work. We carry the grief of longing and unanswered prayers as if we are widows of a life we can't figure out how to live fully in.

When we begin to accept that life is precious, then we treat our life any life as precious. We are not judged on the amount of laundry that we do, we are not judged on the cleanliness of our kitchen floors. We are not judged on the smallness of waists, or the perkiness of our breasts. We are judged on the true-ness of our hearts and the way that we treat ourselves and neighbors. We are judged on our openness and willingness to love. To love not just our offspring and friends...but ourselves FIRST. If you do not love yourself then you do not know love. Your life is the precious gift. Sharing it is divine. And sharing our lives can be and often is joyous.



Mizrepresent said...

Thank you so much for this. This is so true and exactly what i needed to hear! Tonight, this weekend, i will celebrate ME!

Happy Mothers Day!

The Real Ginger said...

How beautiful and appropriate for Mother's Day--thank you!

P.S--I'm sure glad we're not judged by how much laundry we do--lol! said...

Hello there!

Yes... we DO need to practice self love! We need to give ourselves PERMISSION to pamper ourselves because it is necessary, and not think that pampering ourselves requires some special occassion.

Emotionally-healthy people treat themselves well and love themselves well.

Right now we are discussing celibacy at my think tank and I believe that celibacy is an expression of self-love.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Soulpower said...

Beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

Solomon said...

Love this message!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.