Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday's post inspired today's post. My Blog Brother Rich Fitzgerald of the blog, The Rich House commented. "Sometimes wasting time allows you time to refuel, so it's not really wasted time, it's necessary". That stayed with me. Maybe I was looking at it all wrong. AH HA!

Maybe what I am doing is NOT WASTING TIME but in fact another way to refuel? Hhmm. It got me thinking about that in a different way. What I was missing in my analysis yesterday was the lack of care for myself. I was being harder on myself than necessary. What was eating me was this sense of not getting what I want. I wrapped it in the notion of wasting time.

I want what I want NOW! Even as I know I am not prepared for it! Ah HA! more illumination! So here I am remixing yesterdays post for better clarity. I am feeling a lot more insightful about my time and the desires to accomplish EVERYTHING!

So I am chilling out on the wasting time thing. I am going to work on being sweeter to myself.

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Princess Tinybutt said...

take *care* sis, CARE. care OF yourself, care FOR yourself. do you really know what that is? what that is for YOU? what it looks like? feels like? will you know it as it comes?


my love :)

Lovebabz said...

Hello Princess,

You are so right! There is where my time is better spent!

Organized Noise said...

Wasting time is necessary. It clears your mind and makes room for ideas that might not have been there.